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Another muscular spasm rolled through her abdomen, starting from her diaphragm and rippling down her naked stomach until it reached her navel. The walls of her uterus constricted and the mass within descended, passing the threshold of her gaping cervix and into the muscular tunnel beyond. She bit back a cry, tears coursing down her cheeks, the sweat streaming along her back in sheets, as the lining of her vagina gripped at the thing and started pulling in rhythmic waves, slowly working it down through her lower abdomen.

She looked down at last, grinding her teeth together so hard it made her jaw hurt just to keep from yelling out at the pain. She watched the lips of her cunt being spread from within, spread wider than they had ever been before around the solid lump trying to escape. With a last convulsive spasm, a bejewelled egg as big as a grapefruit slipped free trailing viscous fluid, followed shortly by a powerful squirt of vaginal liquid. She watched the thing come to rest on the pillow between her knees and then fell back at last, panting heavily, flushed and sweaty as another orgasm swept up her body.
Well now I have an erection, I hope you're happy. Continue.

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