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Hey /a/
i just wanted to make a general anime thread to thank you all for being the only place where i can talk about anime with people that i don't consciously want to stab in the face with an icepick.
you're all abusive, selfish immature faggots, and i appreciate you.
thanks for being the worst board on 4chan, but more than that, thanks for being /a/
you're alright.

General Anime thread, talk about what you like best about your favourite anime, and what you like least about other's
Is your shift key broken?
Y-You too
OP starting,

I may have shit taste, but i really enjoyed the depth of feelings and the depiction of emotion in SAO.
The development of characters wasn't too badly done either, (well, Kirito and Asuna anyway)

SnK is retarded, and the story goes nowhere.
it is honestly one of the most underwhelming things i have read in ages, so much so, i have no desire at all to watch the anime.
You successfully doomed your own thread.
no, i'm just retarded and hopped up on caffeine. sorry.
well, that's fine too, i didn't make this thread for people to debate me, although they're welcome to tell me why my taste is shit and my opinions are wrong.
I just wanted to give everyone the opportunity to talk about things they like and don't like.
and to call each other shit eating faggots with no taste.
Favorite anime?

Eva. Because I am a faggot.
FLCL. Because I am a casual
MS Gundam. Because I am ____?
what's wrong with Eva anon?
i only watched it last month, after putting it off for about 10 years (i am obviously a Grandmaster level faggot)
i thought it was pretty good.
no prob /a/nonymous bro.
It's one of those things someone's a fag for doing. For one, having Eva as a favorite is me being a easy, casual sheep and puts me into the grand, decade long Eva circlejerk.
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>this OP picture
kud a love 10/10 taste
thanks haha, it's one of the few cute images i have
bump because i'd like to hear more people talk about things they like and dislike in anime.
yes indeed

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