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What anime/manga moments made you cry, /a/?
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I'll bite.
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The ending was really moving.
Can we count VN moments too? Because I cried like a bitch in Sakura's route in F/SN. It was when Shirou was falling into despair over Sakura being in a shitty situation, and when he's looking for her, Ilya comes up to him, he snaps at her, and instead of getting angry at him she just pats his head and tells him she's on his side.

Man, that shit got me hard. There's something about a friend forgiving someone for their mistakes that really touches my heart. I also cried when Afrobro forgave Kurosawa in Onani Master for the same reason.
The ending of Angel beats made me and four friends cry like little girls.
>just finished S2 of Zero no Tsukaima
You know when i cried ;_;
It didn't make me cry, but it did give me an aching chest, and since I cry more than I get the chest ache, I suppose Angel Beats definitely hit me hard at the end. Although, I was more confused at the time than anything, because I somehow managed to completely miss the romance between the MC and Angel girl.

Seriously. I marathoned it with my friend, and I felt like his confession right at the end came out of nowhere, I was confused as fuck.
>His mom dies anyway so he goes to the states and becomes a champion

KInda expected him to stay in russia
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Is she okay? She looks tired.
That scene got me too.
Code: Geass right at the end so many tears damn it loulouche why were you such a genius?
Way too many to list. I cried earlier today to the last episode of K-On

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