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yo I looked at that chart thing but I couldn't find anything related.

I'm looking for an anime that's like a bunch of girls going after a dude. I just watched OniAi but there's only one season, and I liked it but I want something with less little girls. Any suggestions? I don't want anything with superpowers or anything.

Thanks for the help in advance
Genshiken Nidaime. It's like 3 girls and a trap going after one average /a/ poster.
That be every harem anime ever made. You have any more details? New/Old? Hair Colors?

Thanks for the tip but I'm not into the whole trap thing, I heard to love-ru is good, is it?
Report and move along.

I don't care if it's old or new, don't really care about hair colors, I like the one chick with the eyepatch from OniAI, so maybe more crazy people like her, pref no super young girls, probably fancy or modern.

Sorry if It's not very helpful hawhaw. I'm not to big on the whole anime dig.
As soon as I saw your /sp/ tier picture I knew this thread would be shit. Report and ignore.
commendation thread sage and move on.
>/sp/ tier picture

It's the Chargers mascot you fucking idiot

guys please I just want to talk about anime
Just wait silently for your ban please.

well thanks for the help I guess

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