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So they never get back to the real world? They just stay in fantasy land forever? Sasshi just pussies out and keeps Arumi trapped in a simulacrum of the real world, without her knowledge or consent? Sasuga Gainax.
yeah i didn't like the ending either
in fact I didn't like it halfway through the series.

the Movie world was pretty coll though
There was a movie? Or the movie parody episode.
Movie world ep.
The ending was confusing, I'm not sure I was completely satisfied with it to be honest.

-MC comes from a family of gods
-To escape the reality of surrogate grandpa's death he broke reality with his god powers
-Dad found out and scold his ass
-Real Grandpa understood and Deus ex'd the setting so the death never occurred and reality can still go on
-MC spent the series wanting to fuck his grandma
But seeing Mane at the end meant that they were still dream world, right? So it wasn't really like he undid reality as much as he made a new reality that was pretty close to true reality, without the nasty business of grandpa dying and Arumi moving away.
MC and his family are not actually gods so much as guardians who keep the balance of reality in check

think 2hu

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