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Where do you read your manga, /a/?

Every reading site is shit.
Batoto if I'm not especially interested in the manga, I download if I am. And buy if they're translated and that I really like it.
Been a while since one of my post has been /threaded. I might shitpost too much.

people keep saying batoto, but they frequently lag behind releases. there's no perfect RSS feed for scanlations, is there?
>but they frequently lag behind releases
They don't, they just need someone to actually upload the stuff.
>there's no perfect RSS feed for scanlations, is there?
Well, either you're reading aggregators who sniff stuff around like Mangafox and the like (and frequently grab them from other watermarked online readers AND add their own watermark), or you have to check each team's website.

so basically I can't be lazy and actually have to pay attention to who scans and releases content so I can download it from them directly?

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>Every reading site is shit.
Which is why it doesn't make a difference. Stop listening to /a/, they'll bitch no matter which you choose.

I don't read much manga anymore though. Most of it is shit and it's impossible for me to hold interest in a series when it's released on a weekly basis and has the same plot advancement as a paragraph in a book.
Mangaupdates to see what's out. Then rip them from Batoto with a python script, download them from mangatraders, or get them from the scanners.

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