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why do people hate dragon ball, dbz, and especially dbgt?

my friends say it's dumb because it's all people powering up and it's all fighting...
Nobody hates Dragon Ball. Anybody who says they do hasn't seen it.

But your friend is right about DBZ and DBGT

Dragonball Z was better than Dragonball.
The manga is way better.
That is not an opinion that's just plain wrong. Dragon ball is fun and entertaining from beginning to end, Dragon ball Z became shit after the frieza saga.
babbys first anime
You mean Cell saga? After Freeza the two best things about DBZ were brought to life, Great Saiyaman, and Hercule.
No thats when dbz became
>oh wait the last guy wasn't the strongest in the universe as we thought, this other guy just came out of nowhere.
Its a bit silly, that something more powerful that Frieza was stewing away in some guys cave on earth.
I liked hercule but gohan became became a shit character after cell saga
Most of DB and DBZ was not bad. I liked it a lot. But GT was SO much worse. Fuck you Pan
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DB > the space adventure episodes of GT > taking a nap > DBZ > eating shit > the rest of GT
Yeah that was really retarded. Cell and Frieza should have been switched. Just get rid of Buu
>Dragonball Z became shit after the introduction of the best character Future Trunks
That is not an opinion that's just plain wrong run on sentence
It would have been a better show no ssj during the cell saga.End dbz as Goku beating Frieza as ssj and dying.

Future Trunks gave rise to the other Trunks and he was unbearable and didn't go away like future Trunks
People want to look cool hating popular things.

Also, people that can't understand a manga for kids.

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