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It's taken me a long time to figure out why I liked kill la kill, I mean Its characters are over the top its story is average and done and pretty much everything about it is but it doesn't excel in anything particularly except for one thing.

It's fun,

It has been so long since I've seen an anime that I have felt was actually fun and not just suspenseful and stress filled or "Moe blob Christmas cooking episode 15"

There are so many grimdark stories (AOT,The Fate series, and EVA) that have made a hallmark on anime that it seems like the hardcore anime fans are bound and determined it stays edgy and dark with a few exceptions....

Its definitely not as bad as the big 3 either because those pretty much stopped being fun after episode 200 of the same damn thing.

Best thing is a lot of people who I knew stopped watching anime because "They couldn't find anything interesting" Have picked this up again.

So complain all you want about kill la kill at least i can say its just plain fun..
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>many words

Nobody cares

Fun is a buzzword for when you can't think of any other reason why an anime is good. Don't use it.
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thanks for sharing your thoughts, OP.
You're right : 3
I mean it's sorta funny how many shitposters say they hate it, despite so many duplicate threads being made.
They've gotta be doing it right somewhere
> : 3

I love kill la kill, but goddamn you are making us look bad.

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