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So, I must ask, why are we supposed to hate the 'transfer student' cliche?
It's more that you're supposed to kill yourself for making such an awful thread.
The transfer student thing can be an incredibly lazy way to introduce new characters into the plot.
>Hating any anime cliché

How? Why hate the great things that make anime what it is?
It's just overused, that's all. People want to see a bit more variety in how a character is introduced. It's also a bit lazy because it means the character in question doesn't organically need to fit in with his/her surroundings and can just be dropped in without needing to worry about other stuff. It's not necessarily bad, it's just overdone.

I don't think there are too many occasions where it doesn't work or anything like that.
You know, its that "we" that ticks me
it appears more and more often. "we" who? when exactly /a/ became a hug group where we share the same opinions by default?
This, along with HAYAI, are a few things anime can do without sometimes.
>/a/ became a hug group
I wish ;_;
I'm just bored of it.
>along with HAYAI
You lost me bro, I love that shit more than wind-blown skirts
read your filename.
/a/ isn't a hivemind,
Don't hate something just because another anon does.
Don't like something just because another anon does.
You aren't. A better question is why do you think you're supposed to hate it? Because people on /a/ continually bitch about it? Sit back and think about how much influence you let this board have on your opinions.

It's a quick and easy way to start a plot involving teenagers, even if it's overused as hell.
At least have the guts to post your opinion on the matter at hand so we can tell you your wrong.
>she's best and actually manages to defeat main girl

And what would you think about that, /a/?
>not living your life how /a/ tells you to
No, stop!

I have free will and no amount of trap, loli, genderbender, rape, or incest can take that away from me!

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