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Found this

Wat do ?
blowjob on a keychain
insert to anus
Wait for an eclipse.
You have:

Jojo´s Stone Mask
Berserk´s Behelit
A page of a Death Note
A QB waiting for your wish
1 Meesecks (not /co/ related, but whatever)

Your task: Use them all to your best profit, try to not get fucked (or the less possible). Extra points if you crash the system.
If I have a behelit, surely I've been ordained by fate for some purpose? Why would I ave to work for anything?
File: ohboy.png (352.08 KB, 813x632)
352.08 KB
352.08 KB PNG
Let´s ante up this motherfucker
>the one ring
Enjoy being mindfucked/invisible
File: 1383952881290.jpg (180.77 KB, 1280x1024)
180.77 KB
180.77 KB JPG
>Tfw you have no one to sacrifice
File: naruto-3747575.jpg (270.98 KB, 1200x870)
270.98 KB
270.98 KB JPG
>mr meesecks could you use all these to improve my life?


problem solved
You owe me another soda, fucker! Because you posted that retarded ass design, I laughed and spilled it everywhere!
File: 1258771383690.png (909.95 KB, 709x1000)
909.95 KB
909.95 KB PNG
1) Ask Mr Meesecks to ask QB for a wish ("I wish Anon had control over the One Ring"). Put the One Ring on.

2)Mr Meesecks is now a magical girl and it´s unable to dissapear because he´s bounded by QB´s contract.

3)Meesecks despairs because he can´t die, activates Behelit/breaks his soul gem and transforms into an Apostle/Witch.

4)Promise Mr Meesecks to kill him with the Death Note if he puts on the stone mask

5)Meseecks dies, is swallowed by Hell (Apostle), it´s brought to life by the mask (vampire), despairs again and brings more Entropy Energy (Witch). Rinse and repeat.

6) Ask QB for extra Shekels.
Defeat the jews and become ruler of humankind in their stead.
That's what you use QBs wish for.
Don't open it
File: Parakewl_retrato.png (28.64 KB, 180x180)
28.64 KB
28.64 KB PNG

this might be good
File: VoidPlaysGo.jpg (233.41 KB, 444x1600)
233.41 KB
233.41 KB JPG

I'm pretty sure a good lawyer could find a way to exploit all of these together and never suffer any consequences.
The Behelit pretty much fucks all that since it's fate based.
File: 1355686232817.jpg (147.66 KB, 500x492)
147.66 KB
147.66 KB JPG

Once again, I'm pretty sure lawyers can fuck anything.
Absolutely nothing, when the time comes it will find it's way to it's owner because...

that is how it is...
Thats easy.
Make as many close friends as you can, and make sure you love them all to death. More than anything else.
Then you sacrifice them all, making the sacrifice really fucking powerfull and become the right God Hand, since the left allrady has 5 fingers filled.
And you will become The Idea of Evil's right hand while the original God Hand are your generals.
Then rape Caska infront of Guts again.
Why rape her when she is already a potato.

I would rape everyone else in Guts little RPG party. Double for Ishidro because I hate that faggot the most.
>Why rape her when she is already a potato.
That just seems to be what you do in Berserk universe. Everyone rapes Caska.
She's like a behelith for rape.

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