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Why are anime lead main characters almost never a hot girl? It's almost always a guy, or a gender swap of the blandest looking guy possible (Yoshika, Miho, Saki, etc).

This show is nice though. Literally 5 seconds in and I already want to rape her viciously until she can no longer scream.

There should be more shows like this.
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Man, you're gonna love them leviathans (last thread just died a few minutes ago). Then, you're gonna come and ask when S2 is gonna come out, and we'll have very bad news for you.

But don't worry, you can watch Tantei Opera Milky Holmes after you finish ZBL. And when you finish the second season, you'll wonder if you should watch alternative or Futari ha... and the answer is you shouldn't. But you'll do it anyway, and you'll come and tell us we were right, and that it was terrible, and that when is S3 gonna come out... and again, we'll have very bad news for you.

But hey, not all is lost. New Yuru Ruri is in the works, I'm currently translating the levi-tan shorts and the only doujin in sadpanda, and there's a chance the manga gets tanks one of these years, so we can buy it, scan it, and translate it.
I really love this show. There is no better anime that accurately depicts how a D&D game actually tends to go irl.

>Barley Tea proficiency +++
I wish someone had written more. Someone like Lovecraft did for each Nyaruko episode. I would do it myself, but I suck at it.
>Kill that Kill
let this thread die
I have played a ton of rpgs, so maybe I can think of some when I watch those translated specials. Watching the later episodes with /a/ was pure comedy on its own though.
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You saw the first two on the other thread, right?
Also, if you want to check, I finished the first 7, but they are not timed yet:
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>That kiss at the end of song

Because most anime fans are gay and can't enjoy a series unless the MC has a penis. They also get highly upset when you call them out on this.

The hot, competent girl is the main character in this show and the plain looking girl is secondary. It's usually reversed in most other shows with a female lead.
I know, anon. It kills me too. KanaHana is a miracle of the universe, and every time I hear her, I'm reminded of Syrorin. So, yeah, that means almost every time I'm watching something, I'm reminded of Shirorin. And I'm happy with it.
I love wariza so much.
This is important.
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You might also like the Koihime Musou anime. The entire main cast are hot/cute girls.

Also check out Mai Hime and Mai Otome.
I love her, too.
Yeah it's true, she's everywhere nowadays but that doesn't bother me at all.

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