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It's all going to end in tears, isn't it?

Deaf, deaf tears.

So how bad is he going to be?
Maybe not much, Shouya has seen Useno and Sahara being pseudo friends and getting along despite having bullied her in the past, which probably has made him think that stuff is all in the past and maybe he can even get along with that cunt.
But who am I kidding, he'll treat him like crap.
I just love his reactions
I'm just amazed that a character could, for what felt like an eternity, be portrayed as an utterly horrible piece of shit...and then quickly become a much kinder person...and have none of it feel hollow.
Oh hey I didn't even know it got serialised, I just remember that one-shot making the rounds.
it got serialized, and the mc is even more evil in it

>was more evil

fixed it for you.
He later got mistreated worse than she did and is still shunned by almost everyone his own age in the city. Plus he figured out that she had been erasing the hateful messages written for him on his desk every morning before he got there.

She killed him with kindness.

I was reading like a retard and was thus blindsided when I realized he'd been planning to kill himself after he apologized. It hit me like a ton of bricks, as did the tape on the calendar.
I'm sure he's a nice guy now, people change.

But Ueno didn't.


oh, shit, I'm sorry. I saw it last night so I assumed it died in the meantime.
I'm sure she's changed too.

I think Ueno is just acting out because she hates her current life and wants to go back to the simpler, elementary school times.

You might be right. She's already complained that she wants the old Ishida back.

But after so much agony in the first chapters I don't know if I can put up with yet more bullying while she figures out how to change, especially if she drives a wedge between Ishida and Nishimiya.

My jimmies left the solar system when she yanked the hearing aid.

Fun fact, supposedly one reason this had trouble getting serialized was because some ultranationalist or moral outrage group raised a ruckus about the author, saying the (apparently really, really accurate) portrayal of ijime made Japan look bad.

>ijime made Japan look bad.

You can try all you want world, but you will never be able to take the Japan out of the Japanese.
Sooooooooooo why are Sahara and Ueno friends? And was being scared to ride a roller coaster a metaphor for making friends with Shouko?
How could you... love and live with a girl that you almost "broke"? It is possible compensate the eternal guilt?
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Forgiveness. A word and concept soon to go extinct. Before the rest of mankind of course.
It was a metaphor for making friends with Ueno I believe.

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