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It only needs an I-1 Club themed red armband if you ask me.
He should be shooting them with a paintball gun as they're dancing and when they stop the shot ones just quietly leave without any words.
>not shooting them with live ammunition.
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The terrible production values and scenes like that make WUG impossible to take even kind of seriously.
What's next on the Angsty Mayu and her Friend's Show?

Why would you take it seriously? Is it asking to be taken seriously?
Yes but not in that way. It wants to be more than a niche anime but at the same time mainstream Japanese TV is retarded.
WuG wants to be mainstream animu?
After the tsunami Yamakan was going on about how he wanted to make a relevant anime about it. It took him a while to convince people to give him money then hold open auditions to get all his rookies for what is supposed to be an emotional story of unlikely idols from the area most affected by the tsunami becoming stars.

Mind you in the meantime there was a live action drama called Amachan with a similar concept that was a huge fucking thing in Japan last year so there's no reason for anyone to give a shit. But you will notice it has crammed in two of the most popular catchphrases in Japan last year, boss using "Baigaeshi da" from a banker drama (she is old enough it's not out of character though), and Miyu's awkward "JE JE JE" which is a repetition of a Tohoku regional dialect exclamation of surprise used constantly in Amachan.
I didn't know that.

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