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Official /a/ stance on Bleach? Because I see all kinds of opinions on this one.
Well, remember the prom? Yeah, kinda like that.
Official /a/ stance on Bleach? Because I see all kinds of opinions on this one.
There was just a thread on this.
wtf is up with all these newfags
Official /a/ stance on Bleach? Because I see all kinds of opinions on this one.

My prom was great. I watched Red Dawn in my room with a 3 liter Mountain Dew and a bag of Doritos.
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my girlfriend loves it I never watched it. Sounds okay.
best cosplay ever

my *stance* is as hard as a rock right now
Sage for underage faggotry.

Get the fuck out!
/a/'s opinion on bleach? It's great for removing soils and stains on clothing but watch out because misuse can cause your shirts to lose color.

Oh wait, the anime/manga? It's shit.
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Are you trying to sway my opnion with that picture well unfortunately you failed. Bleach is like that picture nice to look but lacking any memorable content
My prom was on my birthday, so I had an excuse for not going so no one would know that I was the pathetic loser I am.
Smack some taste into your girlfriends mouth.
With a dildo?
the soul society arc is okay, the rest are giant fillers
Lewd stance: 100%
im saging at full force but it wont go away
Its nice to come back and read it every week.

It would feel empty without it.

Hate it to hell for breaking our hearts when promising us Something worthwhile.

Still would call it up sometime randomly for a booty call though.
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/a/'s stance on bleach..

Nobody dies
Nobody can resist fapping to the characters
Nobody can look past the copy pasta plot
Nobody can resist sageing it
Nobody can make a bleach thread without attracting trolls
Nobody thinks Kubo should write manga, he should be a fashion designer instead.
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