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Second years vs. first years - have they completely forgotten how each of the first-years has a severe handicap due to bike modification? This ain't fair.
You two should fuck. Seriously though use http://catalog.neet.tv/a/ to find threads, It looks through filenames too so you can find threads even if they didn't mention the name or if it's just a reaction image screencap.
Life isn't fair anon.
What bothers me is they don't bring that up anymore, like they have already forgotten.
What, the handicaps?
I find it more retarded that they win against the second years.

It was the moment I dropped the manga.
Why? It's mentioned quite a bit that they're total normalfags compared to other cyclists and only started to train seriously after their freshman year.
But if it makes you feel better they train harder after the inter-high and become competent cyclists/part of the main cast in their third year
I already guessed as much, but there is a limit to how much shit I can take even in sports shounen.
>dropping pedal
You're missing out on so much fun.
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I don't know if this would be the right place to ask, but since there's a thread up anyway.

We don't get episode previews in this show, so here are summaries for the next three weeks' episodes. Now all we need is someone who can read moon. Might give us an idea of how they're pacing interhighs.

If we don't get a translation, I'll post it again next thread.

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