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X Jigen e Youkoso or Witch Activity?
Etsuko Yakushimaru or a bunch of good VAs?
Which one is the better (best) ED this season?
No other opinions welcome.

Don't include your opinions about the series themselves.
Witch is just too damn catchy. Dandy is ok and nothing more.

Wouldn't listen to either outside the show tho.
Both are great, but X Jigen e Youkoso is vastly better. The full version still sounds awkward to me (probably because I'm so used to the TV version after having had it on loop for so long) and the mastering on it is shit-tier, as expected of modern audio "engineers" who are a disgrace to the name.
X Jigen e Youkoso no contest. Witch Activity is catchy and full of drugs but ultimately Dandy is the smoothest.
They're both too good, I can't pick.
nice try you cheeky cunts. Neither is the best, this is.
you chumps need to listen to Sotaisei Riron
I like Dandy, it's smooth and nice, but I can't stop listening to Witch Activity. It's definitely the best ED this season. (Which is appropriate because WCW is the best anime this season.)
I would go with the one that seemed to use 80% of Mahou Sensou's budget and probably should have been an OP.

But Witch Activity a great.
This is the most kawaii quadcopter I've ever seen.
I swear to God, there is zero originality to music videos. So fucking stupid and bland.
I agree with you but,
>zero originality
What did it rip off?

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