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Daaamn, man.

What a scene.
That trembling voice makes it 10/10.
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delicious gahara
it looked like she had a cold
Shit girl thread?
I don't see your mum being posted m8
Crab is the worst girl.
>I don't see your mum being posted m8

The only shit girl was cat
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yfw da kaiki iss ded

im sorry m8 but snake is objectively worst girl. she was worst girl in s1 and has only dug herself deeper in that ranking since
Thanks to spoilers from the timeline I know he's alive
I think he goes for a haircut or a movie or something equally mundane
Literally forced moe. Her behavior during that scene doesn't make any sense for her character.
What are you talking about? Clearly he tripped and dropped his tomato juice in the snow
He ded, but he gets better. He shows up again in Suruga Devil
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Ononoki happened to be a very nice girl.

Truly Nise was pure shit and the weakest part of Monogatari, it didn't allow such good characters to develop and have more screen time.
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>snake is objectively worst girl

The only thing is objectively worst is your taste in this thread, little boy.
Well, nothing else can be expected from a tiny underdeveloped brain of yours so I'll forgive you while having a posed look on your pathetic and utterly disgusting post.

Snake is the best / second best character in Monogatari s2. And her arc is probably the best of all because of brilliant work of VA and nice character development.

Add Serpent-san and they are the best duo.

Shinobu / Kaiki / Hachikuji are all nice but they are getting outmatched by superior character Nadeko.
File: cat nope.jpg (17.18 KB, 300x150)
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>calling people underdeveloped
>posts the absolute most underdeveloped, brain dead, vain, littllest girl in the whole series

even snail is more mature than snake
Cat is super boring, all her arcs and Nekomonogatari can gravely injure me with a critical strike of boredom.
File: 1390265228910.png (122.85 KB, 451x249)
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>liking snake
ur a pleb, harry.

>liking snake enough to think shes best girl material
wow, someone had family issues growing up


>bat liar and snail
well, I can respect those opinions

snake a huge shit. only way she can be redeemed is if she turns into some kind of rude girl tomboy who puts her hair up in a ponytail, doesn't wear her uniform properly, and spends all of her time drawing manga.

if you need any proof of snake being an awful character, not even her nendoroid is cute.
You both simply fail to understand her big role in Monogatari and her development of a character, her complex facade and her interactions with Serpent-san.
I'm not in the mood to educate you so you can stay in your foolish state, I don't mind it for now.
File: you are already dead.jpg (114.10 KB, 1920x1200)
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I don't even mind if you will eventually stop moving and wasting oxygen of this planet.
File: 2013-08-26_2218.png (1.21 MB, 694x938)
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I can see why people call her boring, but personally I find her simplicity endearing and cute. Especially after reading Kizu. That pulled her entire character dynamic together for me.

You have to admit she's pretty fucking hot though.
She's boring because she's plain.
Her sexiness doesn't make her any more interesting.
All other characters have some unique part of their character even without getting a split persona like Black Hanekawa. They are simply more entertaining and interesting.

It's like the same fucking routine with Hanekawa since Bake - even her story is not developing that much and it's still dancing around those events with Araragi / Shinobu.

Maybe I'm too old but her hotness is not enough to make me care about her.
Samefag, listen.

>big role in Monogatari
Bigger than who? She has some of the least amount of presence as a character. Ragi, Bat, Cat, Crab, Monkey, Snail, Liar, all have as many or more arcs than her. If you mean her arc is more "crucial", then you're also wrong. Oh no, shes going to kill some highschoolers. Vamp ended the fucking world, Tiger committed arson, and if you get down to it, Kaiki is more at fault because he also harmed snake with his actions in Nise.


Look, we are all entitled to our opinions, and it's generally pretty enjoyable to discuss and even argue about characters. Actually saying that people do not comprehend a character is juvenile. There are no facts, other than that you're a sudra.
File: 1377534837210.jpg (89.89 KB, 1280x720)
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if you can sympathize with snake that means you haven't moved past being a petty ass motherfucker. theres a reason 4 people go against her
File: 1329269193671.jpg (58.85 KB, 400x406)
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This guy totally understands her character

She is pretty awesome really, Shaft just messed up all her good jokes with Araragi, which is why Nisio went full throttle in the character commentary with her. All the broness that she has with Araragi was toned down in Bake, we don't get the great start to their relationship in Kizu, and they diminished her family issues as just something that she had to get over, when in fact she has the most tragic history next to Mayoi.

There was a reason Araragi hung out with her all the time, besides taking her as his savior and role model. The girl makes actually useful battle strategies from comics ffs. And was the only girl who actually went toe to toe and almost died facing her oddity, and taking it into herself, no exorcism or asking it to go away.

Nisio needs to step it up and make het a specialist for the finale.
>theres a reason 4 people go against her

People are generally dumb, it's objectively true.
I see your posts and >>101921371 who calls me "samefag" after making an obvious chain of posts with 2 related images dumb too which means there's nothing unnatural going on and nothing to get worried about at all.

Tonikaku, it looks like you are forgetting about Nadeko's own arc and judge her by her appearance in Kaiki's arc which is generally dumb but obvious as well since it's the last memory you've got about the series.
You don't have to explain me such obvious things like Serpent is not a different character too because he's in fact a different character and not a different character at the same time, it only matters if you look at definitions.
And the way he was a different character with a different VA, was truly a masterpiece work that led things to the beautiful end.
It's enough for me to call Nadeko's arc the best in S2 and it's enough for you to deal with it knowing such obvious fact as my superior opinion > yours.
her arc is shit
>pls pity me i'm too pretty

>im going to fuck shit up because its my right since people pity me
Well I'm judging her appearance by Shaft's anime adaptations, not by LNs.
It's safe to assume that she's pretty boring in comparison with the others in anime.

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