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Hey /a/.

I don't know shit about anime but I kinda like it so I want to discover new stuff.

Already watched:
-Cowboy Bebop. Really loved it.
-FLCL, absolutely awesome even if the constant absurd was kinda disturbing.
-kyoukai no kanata, I loved the animation but some episodes were just dumb and the scenario was pretty MEH in my opinion.

I already watched the first episode of Death Note and I really didn't like it. Also I'm already planning to watch Evangelion, just not right now.

What can you advice me?

I'm looking for something with a really good animation and an interesting ambience. Bonus if characters are appealing and music is good.

(It's probably my first post on /a/, so, sorry if I made something wrong)
Master of Martial Hearts is a masterpiece. As a newcomer to the medium you really have to check that shit out.
Use Google.
Watch Psycho pass and One outs
boku no pico
You will do /a/ no service by responding.
Just report and let the thread die.

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