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is naruto worth getting into i mean they are on volume 64 so its going to be a fucking big invesment but is it worth it? i am new to anime / manga i have watched a few episodes of the anime and it seemed like it dragged on for so long
Yes, and if you watch the anime, skip the filler.

Also Ignore /a/ they have bad taste.
why does a not like naruto?
It's mainstream and the fans/ community can be pretty annoying. Honestly it's not the best series ever, but it certainly isn't as bad as /a/ says it is. The first few arcs are pretty good, the filler is mostly shit (One or two were entertaining) and Shippuden has some great fights/ moments between characters. The Manga as a whole has been dragging on and few think Kishimoto knows how to end it.
If you want to give it a try, then go for it, the worst that happens is you find out you don't like it. Personally I stopped following it a while ago.

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