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>48 hours
can't handle the hype
If Satsuki makes it through this next episode I think she will make it to the end of the series. I would put it at 50/50. It all comes down to how much she has anticipated Ragyo's plan.
I'd be so pissed if the Ragyo betrayal thing is done by the end of this episode -Satsuki loses, Ragyo gets away- with no repercussions.
Maybe she'll revive, it'll seem like a NOTHING HAPPENED again, then Nui will betray her. Because it's fun.
Meh I don't think Satsuki will put a dent in Ragyo's plan at all. I'm sure Raygo calculated this into whatever she's thinking about doing. Since we already know the student body is going to go against them I think they'll probably join Nudist Beach
I'm still waiting on Soroi to die so we get to see Berserk Satsuki.
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You see this?
This is the face of someone that has been planning her whole life for this day, and is risking everything to overthrow her mother. All of these theories that she'll cry or rage because of the Devas or Soroi dying don't make any sense. She already said her goodbyes to them.

She herself won't berserk. It will be Junketsu taking over after having enough of her Life Fiber Override bullshit.
I think SHE expected to die.
Not Soroi.

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