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How much would you enjoy Death Note if it was drawn like a Gag Manga? Like they are all Chibi's.

I think that was Ohba's Intention before teaming up with the artist. Before he took the penname "Ohba", he drew the Manga "Luckyman". I think he intented Death Note to look the same way.
In Bakuman, you even get someone saying "Wow this looks like a Gag Manga but it's actually really serious, and the subtle humor comes from the way it's drawn"

But the Jump Editor thought it would be better to team him up with the Hikaru no Go Artist, for more mass appeal.

What do you think?
Death note is different from the manga they were talking about in Bakuman. There is a difference between "serious" and "theme about death and god complex"
>he still thinks Hiroshi Gamō is Ohba

Oh my balls

I remember they were talking about "serious" manga in general. You know how it different than the usual stuff in Jump? It was definitly a reference to Death Note.


Okay, say your reason why it might not be true then?
You're the one who firstly stated he was Hiroshi. Burden of proof is on you.
The Storyboards by Ohba shows in extra pages of Bakuman greatly resemble Hiroshi.
That and Bakuman is autobiographical, you can't avoid that while writing it. There is just too many hints.

And I wasn't the one who brought it up.
Even if it's true or not, I just wanna ask, about hypothetical Death Note in Luckyman style.
Why was post-L's death so shitty?

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