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This pisses me off.
I'm looking at the new anime, scanning what might be good, and this seemed interesting enough. I looked at the tags, and there was no "romance" tag, but then I go to character bios and the first thing I read: "Enju is emotionally attached to her partner, Rentaro Satomi, and looks at Kisara Tendo as a rival in love."
If things have romance, why can't they just be tagged like that? It's real dumb to only tag romance if romance is a main plot point 99% of the time.
Would you tag Hyouka as romance?
I think honestly, that if anything has a main male character, and at some point one or more females will want his D, it should be tagged as romance, or there should be a tag for that, or something. I get that romance is a genre, and not all anime with romance are that genre, but still, that's why it's so annoying.
On the other hand, if the romance is secondary thing you wouldn't want to pick it up, read through several chapters of action just to get few romance scenes and go back to action.

No idea how it works in Black Bullet but I hope you get what I mean. It's like tagging JoJo romance because Jonathan gets with Erina.
I actually would. Maybe this is just too personal, but I generally pick anything up as long as it's good and has SOME romance in it at least, maybe this problem is just too personal to me, but it's still real annoying.
well technically romance is usually considered as only a "subplot", and in black bullet the romance factor isn't that dominant either
This is one of the dumbest threads I've seen in a while. "Oh, that guy ran ten feet, better tag it as action." "Look how he looked at her! Romance." "I could totally imagine, that girl cheating, NTR tagging time!"
Yeah, I understand that a genre and subplots are a different thing, that's the whole point of my anger. Action is never a subplot so that point doesn't even make sense. But it's just infuriating that there's no way to know that an anime/manga has romance as a subplot, because people won't tag it if it isn't a huge part of the story.
Yes, I would. It clearly has some developing romance between main characters, and between secondary ones too.
Same here, Jonathan and Erina receive romantic development, even if main plotline is about action.
Now, part 2 I wouldn't tag romance since Joseph gets with Susie offscreen.
The "point" is that you are being anal and expecting the world to cater to it. The first is acceptable, so long as you don't do the second. Go make you own anime site with your own tagging rules. I'm sure it'll be a hit.
You really think /a/, the ones always anal about quality, think any of the anime sites are all that good for finding anime? I don't and I usually don't give a fuck about quality. If I could make an actual GOOD anime database I would.
>if I could
The reason that you can't is that existing solutions are more than good enough. You are in an extremely small minority of people with some degree of OCD or some shit. There isn't a "better" site out there because there is not significant demand for such a site. If there was, someone would make it to make money off of it.

And /a/ doesn't need a site to find good anime. Between the general idea of trying everything and the three episode rule, there is no need.

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