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File: Megaman Gigamix Anime.png (309.18 KB, 643x351)
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Would /a/ be interested in this if it happened?

Gigamix was pretty good so yeah. Hitoshi Arigas take on the robot masters designs is pretty cool and it makes wily more than a Saturday morning cartoon villain.
Might be cool. Too bad modern Capcom doesn't give a shit about Megaman anymore and refuses to do anything good with that franchise. Maybe they'll make some shitty pay-to-win iOS phone game for Megamix.
The classic series was always supposed to be super kid friendly, though. Inafune was even displeased when Super Adventure Rockman had exploding helicopters. He outright stated that the soldiers inside them should have at least escaped via parachute.

The X and Zero series fulfilled the darker and edgier quota just fine to him.
File: 1374573382731.jpg (224.70 KB, 556x642)
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That song is probably one of the most beautiful things I've heard in years.
Well yeah but that doesn't change the fact that gigamix was written with a good wily and some interesting stories. They aren't part of the main canon but I'd watch it.
Its from Namco X Capcom for the PS2 I believe
File: MegaArm.jpg (642.19 KB, 1197x1154)
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is the mega arm even a thing in the manga?

any kind anon want to share a link to download the manga? I really want to read this...
Then buy it on Amazon faggot.
It's kind of hard to find anything but scattered chapters or Raws so your best bet really is to buy them unless someone actually had working links this time. Pretty worth the money if you are a mega man fan though.
The fuck is protoman doing in space

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