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Anyone read RaButa?
It's some stupid adorable shit
Are there more than 10 Chapters? I can't find any info

No, that's all there is currently. The artist might continue it as it's not marked as finished yet, but I think he's moved on.

Here's the original site:

Neetsha is VIP's own manga magazine.

I was hoping I could bring scanlation teams to start translating more web manga with OPM, Molester Man etc., but nothing's happening. Sad because I feel like the web manga scene will is growing bigger by the minute.
>Neetsha is VIP's own manga magazine.
Let me correct myself, Neetsha is VIP's own manga "publisher", much like Shuueisha.

They have their own manga magazines, e.g. Weekly VIP, Young VIP etc.


Oh it's you!
Thank you very much for translating this.

>I think he's moved on.
Too bad. But the ending is okay for what it is.
Do you know what he's working on now?

Interesting homepage though, didn't know about it.
The mangaka goes by the nickname クール教信者 and クールたん. I haven't looked into his stuff much, but he seems to have done tons of stuff.

Here are some of his manga:



Though I guess, the sketchy and amateurish art style is not for everyone.

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