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ITT the perfect ending for Death Note (not the existing one)

L kicking Light's ass instead of Near.
No L's death was a great moment in the animu.
Um the movie?
This isn't Gaia[/spoilers]
L lives longer, Near's money trick doesn't work as well as planned, Mello ends up gunning down Light himself. By the end, L's a deathgod, Near's gone, and Mello lives.
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The perfect ending for Death Note? Pic related.
File: 1205345757529.jpg (84 KB, 824x386)
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Light wins and becomes God-Emperor of Earth.
Upon his death in 2056, the throne and the death note pass to one of his bastard children that inherited his intelligence.
If L beat Kira we'd all just be like "well that was pointless" and then never speak of Death Note again. If the series ended with Kira winning /a/ would be a shitstorm complaining that the story wasn't finished. Death Note ended the only way it could have.
Who's Near? Some made up fan character?

Death Note ended when L died, silly.
Kira wins and forms his perfect world.
Everyone dies. Ryuk is happy. The end.

Kira wins...
Obviously the movie ending
The Live Action movie has L winning. And it wasn't some random bullshit and was actually as good as a "Just as Planned" on L's part.
Good "L wins" ending. Ladies still occurs, but hey, he won. Oh, and he got a spin-off movie, which I've yet to watch.
Ryuk turns everyone into apples and lives happily evar after.

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