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Greetings /a/

I'm a mad scientist and have constructed a device that'll allow to transfer you to 2D world where your waifu lives.

Because of the technological limits you can't stay there longer than 2 days. TWO DAYS to spend with your beloved one.

You don't have anything there because you're from another, 3D world, but due to software bug your credit card/bag of gold is unlimited.

You may assume that your waifu knows you, you are friends, but not close friends.

How do you spend 2 days with her? Best description wins 5000 internets.

This is the day when you show the love to your waifu.
Don't miss this oppurtunity.

update: the research now has a webpage: madscilab dot bl dot ee with data collected from previous experiments
Is this why /a/ hates steins;gate so much?
I love Steins;Gate.
This is not a S;G thread, I just used his picture.
Two days of rape and then leave her the shekels as thanks.
Who hates steins;gate
Dat shiet wuz good
I'm not going to let you use the device for this purpose. I need only real love data, rape data doesn't contribute to my research.
Some mad scientist so cool you are...
Convincing women, even my perfect waifu, isn't worth the effort. At least if I brutally rape her she won't cheat on me.
I'm mad, not evil.
It just means you don't really love her. Besides, rape dosn't exclude cheating at all. I don't see the logic in this claim.
File: 246536357356.png (338.68 KB, 267x605)
338.68 KB
338.68 KB PNG
>The time is Sengoku Period
>Spend one day trying to speak to her
>Never give up, even if beaten by the guards
>Using my history knowledge to prove my worth, I am able to speak to her on the second day
>Confess my love and tell her she has to be the one to unite Japan.
>Talk with only the two of us in the room
>Tell her about the future and what kawaii shit Japan will become unless she wins
>Tell her that Souma (game protag) doesn't love her and will choose some loli
>Share all info that could be useful to her in conquering Japan
>Tell her I only have a few hours left
>Fall asleep next to eachother
>mfw the shogun family will have gaijin blood
File: prize.jpg (155.66 KB, 1377x600)
155.66 KB
155.66 KB JPG
I forgot to mention that you can't control her actions in the description, but it's pretty solid. You've earned it.
>but due to software bug your credit card/bag of gold is unlimited.

Give her a shitload of money for public sex.
What makes you think she'd go for that? Also that's not something you should do to someone you love Anon, what you wrote just means how much you don't care about her.
>2 days.
Well, fuck you. I thought you would upgrade it after the last time.
I did, at first it was only one day!
>buy time-traveling Delorean.
>time shenanigans with waifu.
>mess with space-time continuum in virtual world with her.
2 days bro, the clock counter used to time this is in our world. Also, how would you even try to get a time travelling delorean in the world where your waifu lives and just in 2 days?
I shall recieve the internets with honor.
How ofter do you do research, doc?
This is the 5th time, I took a long break from 4chan and almost managed to stay away from this place, but then again, I need additional research data to solve the 2D waifu problem once and for all. Dr Satan is helping as well with finances and human resources. There's no regular research schedule at the moment.
>categorizing all of one board population's tastes based on the opinion of a fraction of them.
If anything, you should realize that this is not a hivemind.
One observation is that US time /a/ is more active in this kind of research. Unfortunatelly I'm from central european shithole and staying up whole night just won't work again.

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