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So I've just finished watching this. While I didn't think the show was that great. It was some shitty love triangle bullshit that used edgyness and MISUNDERSTANDINGS to make it seem like it was more interesting than it actually was.
Even so, some of the scenarios would make good doujins.For example Akoi and Yui could be fucking like rabbits. Then the time regression hits Yui. Even though she is now a loli they keep at it because of TRUE LOVE. The emotion transmission thing could also open up some good opportunities for NTR.
Oh, and best girl won.
Best girl won and you're still complaining like a fucking girl.
Why did you even bother starting a thread?
>Best girl won therefore no criticism of the show is allowed
That's not criticim, OP.
It's not my fault your thread sucks.
Obviously you weren't here when it was airing.
Lurk moar.
>Implying I'm OP
Are all you romantics so deluded that you fail to understand the point of this series? Romance/Love Triangle was a driving force for drama and change, I'll grant you that, but has the point of this show really flown over your heads?
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Kokoro doujins are the best

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