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I stopped reading bleach around the time when Ichigo learned a power called "Fullbring" or something along those lines and all the "Fullbringers" were killed.

I heard it has gotten worse since then, and I personally lost interest in Bleach after the super anticlimatic fight with Aizen.

Does /a/ think I would enjoy continue reading?
I like to think the series ended after Aizen was defeated. Right now, it's like a bad fanfic.
It's really fucking terrible right now. And it's on its last arc too.
I did the same thing, OP. The only reason to read Bleach to that point was because of Aizen.

Without him, the entire manga just turned into pure shit instead of primarily shit.

Just read the highlights so you can laugh at how dumb it's become.
well the couple of first responses on /a/ are usually right so thanks for the advice.
I occasionally peeked inside the latest chapters and it all looked really bland and overdone.

on another note I heard Yu Yu Hakusho was basically bleach without all the bullshit. I'm a sucker for old shonen so should I go with the manga or anime?
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you high son? this arc is the epitome of shit just got real
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I say still give it a chance. The start of the final war arc was amazing. There was a twist that blew everyone away. I say found out for yourself and I would not take those post at face value. There been alot of shitposters lately in these threads(more then usual) and I see post like
All the time
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Last chapter spoiler
Since when were you under the impression that I wasn't using Kyoka Suigetsu?
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Let me ask you a question Shinji. How long were you deluding yourself into thinking that I was not using Kyoka Suigetsu
I also stopped reading bleach after the fullbringer arc and recently started reading it again the current arc is amazing and i'm enjoying it.

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