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loli ringi is best teppu
and teppu 25 raws are out
File: 鉄風25_07.jpg (363.87 KB, 845x1200)
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no love for teppu
Is this weekly? I remember dropping it because of the lack of updates.

Will probably re-read everything just to remember everything.
monthly and 3 chapters behind
the author was sick for like a year and a half
Raw got posted here already as promised:


it's just that the thread got buried/died:

Great, thank you. I actually dug out my Share but it's taking ages to download anything.
i think eyebrows will win but the cut will be too bad and she won't make it to finals due to medical tko.
i can't imagine how natsou will react
File: Teppu_22_0030.png (95.86 KB, 390x328)
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So loli Ringi was an asshole? Need some translation to understand that part.

Also, Freckles is pretty cute.
>teppu will never ever again get translations
Animexis is alive (today post) :

>I know, I know… I can read your mind: “Where’s Teppu?” As I said before, our priority projects are: 1)Teppu 2)Witch Craft Works and 3)Isuca. That doesn’t mean we are not gonna release the other pending stuff. Before our hiatus we had some stuff almost ready to release, so you may see some of those chapters being released here and there. That doesn’t mean we are changing priorities, it’s just to decrease the list of pending stuff. Regarding Teppu ch23, the progress is around 50%. It will be released either on Wednesday or Friday of this week, hopefully. We still have no translator appointed for Teppu 24, but a translator from another group may be interested on it – he said he’ll tell us after we release ch23. Witch Craft Works will be released after Teppu 23, followed by Isuca.

>Oh, before I forget: we need translators, so don’t be shy and contact me. Please don’t use the forum to apply, it has some bugs that I have no time to fix.
>this lack of faith
apparently translator for wcw is doing 23 but after that we are out in the cold again

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