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Continuing on from the last F/SN thread we had:

>Rather than just write "I reel in the exact same sword and crash it with all my strength against his.", Nasu should have written it out like in Fate. "He pulls out a longsword that will create ice with every swing, I reel in the same and nullify his ice with mine. He tries to catch me off guard with an invisible blade, but I know its' length and shape and block it. He swings a scythe sword with no physical blade; it will cut through and damage the internal parts making blocking useless. I dodge and aim my blow at the crossguard/hilt/weakpoint and shatter it."

That would have been...awesome, actually.

>Also, a bit more detail into how Shirou could beat a physically superior opponent who has been shown to be skilled enough to engage and potentially beat Saber in melee.

Gilgamesh has skill, but I remember the Stay Night battle in the Fate route describing how he was utterly outmatched by Saber in melee; he just couldn't hold onto a sword for long because she'd break it or knock it out of his hands. I imagine that Shirou was more skilled close-up because of all he had borrowed from Archer.

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