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Nigger went through all that shit for her and didn't even get a kiss? Bummer. Great show though I enjoyed it.
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Fuck I posted the wrong girl, I meant this one
It works both ways anyways OP. I think it was a little dragged out but at least they didn't skimp out on the ending.
The whole thing as stupid.
>Great show

This shit was boring as fuck, not to mention that the characters felt were honorifics spilling machines.
I watched the whole thing dubbed, skipped credits until the very last episode as it's my custom to sit through the entire last episode start to finish. The only think that came to mind when the credits showed Gennosuke's VA was

>Troy Baker
Well I finished Kemonozume on the same day so maybe watching something mediocre was just better in comparison.
I loved it.
Dem eyebrows and weird ninja jutsus.
All the female ninjas in this were boner fuel

We have one that drains the blood out of people and orgasms while doing it (dem tits&ass)

One that literally kills people while fucking them(also tits)

And another that strips down to her bare breasts to spew out her crazy blood gas (dem tits)
Are you a nigger?
watch Ninja Scroll instead.

The movie.
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this anime ruined my childhood

why did you remind me OP

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