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Hi /a/, i wanted to ask you something about AoT.
I want to clarify at first that i am no expert about anime or manga, but i've seen and read some of them in my life.
However, when AoT first came out as a manga, my brother bought it and enjoyed it a lot, so i took the first volume and started reading the first pages.
I do not know, but i found the art-style terrible, the dialogues seemed to be written by a 8 years old, that stuff they use to fly around, i dont know, i just said '' yet another terrible manga!'' and dropped it at page 20 of vol.1.
Then, after months (or years?) 80% of the people i know are apeshit about the anime like it's the best thing ever and i tried to read more, but it's just orrible, it does not get better and makes no sense, i guess the idea and the setting is okay, but seriusly this shit look put togheter by a bunch of kids. Help me understand /a/
The question is, is AoT the Justin Bieber of anime/manga? Is there something im missing?
Sorry for terrible english
IIt's one of the few cases in which the manga is shit and the anime mediocre.
A good setting is all you need to attract normalfags
Stop bumping your shit thread.
However i'm sure there are a lot of good anime/manga with a fine setting, But why AoT? (i guess is a stupid question) I see these people wondering ''OMG WHERE THE TITANS COME FRUM'' And other silly question and i ask miself if these are people seriously this oblivious. Why they totally lack of a normal sense of riticism? Do they really expect a decent development of the story based on these silly premises? Most of the shit that appens is competely random and made up.
Why don't you answer me instead of being a dick on the internet? geez
I actually enjoy it a lot. I love the characters, setting, 3D maneuvering devices, mystery, and I fucking love the Anime's soundtrack and animation. Some people have valid reasons for hating it, and some force themselves to hate it because it's popular
Yes anon, SnK is the Justin Bieber of manga. I strongly suggest you to stop reading it and give up on anime and manga.
>this thread

This truly is neo-/a/
This is like my first and last thread on /a/ ever, I don't like this board, but asking on /tg/ or /v/ makes no sense.
Its not moe pig pandering feelgood SOL Yuri.
Stop posting in this thread and go here >>101877352

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