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Just finished ghost in the shell (the movie). I don't know what to think about it tbh. The animation is top notch and even though it being almost 20 years old, it puts to shame 99% of the shows that come out today, especially the fight with the spider tank. At one point it reached the peak of anime animation. Anyway, i liked the music too, it fit with the atmosphere.
What i didn't like about the anime was the pacing and the plot was inconsistent. I take it it's just another case of "too much stuff, too little time to fit everything in". Overall 7/10.
Now, what do i watch next? Do i watch "inocense"? Is it a sequel to the first movie? or do i watch 2.0? Which, i think, is a remake of the first movie. Or, in the end, do i watch the tv show which is 26 episodes long? I'm kinda confused. Is the TV show just a re-telling (a lot more detailed) than the movie? And why is there a second season which has ANOTHER 26 episodes? The manga is only 3 volumes long, i don't get it. Anyway, /a/, i need some help here.
>i need some help here.
Suicide is always an option.
Movie>TV>Innocence>Arise>2nd Sac
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Those questions are so vapid and ignorant that I'm personally offended that you would ask them. Not because I like GitS, I don't, but just because you sound like an actual underage.

Half of those questions could be found by Googling.
The others are just you sounding like a lazy fuck for not having the patience to watch 26 episodes.

Please kill you're selve and have a nice day.
Do you feel better about yourself everytime you tell someone on the internet to kill himself?
Like i said, is the TV show just a re-telling of the movie? Or does it have it's own plot?
And i'm sorry. English is my 3rd langauge.
But i guess instead of having a conversation about anime, it's better to write 5 lines of shitposting. Right?
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I'm just posting this image because I can.
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This is it. Thank you very much anon.
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You can just go on fucking wikipedia and find this

Why did it have to start as a damn rec thread?
If it were just a Gits thread you'd have got actual worthwhile discussion

Why nigga?
Why require spoonfeeding for something so damn simple?
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GitS: SAC is a good watch but be warned it has a different feel to the movie. Still an excellent watch for anyone who likes sci-fi or cyberpunk.
Why do all these autists waste time writing multiple paragraph OP posts and waiting for answers for something that literally can be answered with one google search?
>a person is trying to COMMUNICATE on a MESSAGEBOARD!

I dunno man, maybe you're the autist.
Because they're retarded crossboarding faggots

Also it's ironic how you criticise anyone then forgot your sage
This isn't communication, this is outright retardery on par with rec threads.
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There are 4 different universes/continuities.

1:The manga, which no matter what anybody else tells you doesn't have a 2nd volume sequel.
2:GitS movie (1995) -- Innocence
3:SAC -- 2nd GiG

2.0 is just a shit remake of the 1995 movie. If you want to watch the continuation of the movie watch Innocence, but it falls flat compared to first film. Despite being the source material the manga is notably terrible, the only reason GitS became a popular franchise is because of the 95 film.

ARISE isn't finished yet so I'd recommend SAC. Remember that they're all different universes and that no matter which one you pick the Major has notably different personality traits in each.
File: 1361105545823.jpg (447.32 KB, 640x1500)
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Oshii is the boss. Patlabor 2 is got Tier, so are GitS and Innocence obviously.

Also I love 2.0 (mostly because of the soundtrack remake)

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