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So there's this anime called Shikabane Hime, or "Corpse Princess".
Apparently it's from 2008 and I'm kind of interested in checking it out.
Does anyone here know if it's any good?
I've only read the manga and it's pretty bonerific.

So you'd recommend the manga then?
Is it good in itself, or is it good for the fan service?
Just curious
It's an okay show. I mainly watched it because it was made by the GAINAX from back in the day.

Give it the 3-5 episode try and see if you like it though.
It's okay. Okay action, okay supernatural bullshit, some people die, cute girls.
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What did you like about it?
I'm afraid I'm rather new to Gainax, their only work I've seen is Panty & Stocking so far, with TTGL in my backlog, thought I'd give this a go afterwards.

So it's like Kill la Kill: Spooky Edition?
I liked the action and the explosions. Dynamic angles too.

I thought the story was boring but then again, I was only watching for animation's sake. So I wasn't really paying attention to the story. Also I really don't like zombies and they are way too spooky for me. Even cute ones.

I can't remember the last show GAINAX worked on before the big guys left to make Trigger, but I would give all of them a shot. This may or may not be their weakest show in my opinion.

Ok Ok
Thanks for the advice man, I really appreciate it.
I've been trying all sorts of shows to see what I'm into.

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