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Is storytelling even allowed here?


>Madison area high schoolers
>ambiguous shitty otaku club
>almost everybody in it watches Hetalia
>not good Hetalia fans
>fat white girls and scene guys who wear tails
>they plan a meetup
>fast forward 4 months
>two made shitty costumes, the others just ordered them
>three or four are dressed in German WWII outfits
>they actually look good but wouldn't ever wear one in public
>they may as well be goose stepping through Milwaukee
>they get in their motorcade of minivans
>they notice an old man following them
>old man follows them all the way to Main Street
>too stupid to tell an adult
>they finally stop at noodles & co.
>old man gets out
>"what the fuck are you doing"
>he's a WWII veteran
>pushes a scene kid down
>breaks fag's wrist
>manager asks them to leave
>they have to walk around Milwaukee for an hour in nazi uniforms in the middle of July
It's not, but "betalia" is pretty clever

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