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Let me tell you two pieces of useful information, /a/:
1. Gosho Aoyama never expected Detective Conan to last more than 3 months, thus it is safe to assume that the boss' identity has been hinted from the start.
2. There was only one person that directly used the "men in black" phrase to coin a suspect. And at the mean time, he was half-drunk and is hinted to be alcoholic. Yet, the phone call never mentioned the "men in black" part.

Therefore, it is Kogoro Mouri.
>Professor Agase appeared earlier than Kogorou Mouri but Aoyama said he's not the boss
>Kogorou is alcoholic throughout the series
>Mentions "men in black" in File #2, page 26
>File #2, Page 5. Look at what he's drinking and the background (or scene of the place)
>Ai Haibara would be shocked when the identity of the boss is revealed
>But was only mentioned/hinted at the first 3 volumes of the series
>Only her sister, Akemi Miyano, appeared in File #13. But she's dead(?)
>the boss doesn't have any alcoholic codename
>the boss uses a children's song as his phone number
>the boss' full name has appeared somewhere yet hinted/mentioned in the first 3 volumes

Unless Akemi Miyano is not dead and Haibara's parents are not dead too, then the Black Organization is simply a Miyano's family organization to find immortality. But considering the types of missions that are executed by the organization, then this is highly unlikely albeit plausible.

>yfw Kogoro Mouri is the ultimate boss.
In the anime, Kogoro had to change VAs. Although it was because his original VA didn't like the terms of his contract, they could probably use this somehow.

Maybe Mouri Kogoro isn't a single entity. Or maybe there are multiple sides to him. Maybe the real Mouri Kogoro got whacked and replaced with an impostor, which is why his voice sounds different.

They could totally use this.
I wonder how he would even get the capital to get the organization started.

>Eri & Kogoro have been together since they were kids, ie. they've probably spent a lot of time with each other
>One of Kogoro's first jobs is as a police detective, which probably isn't even a very high-ranking position, let alone high-paying
>he gets fired from this job
>he separates from Eri, but not actually divorcing
>he barely has enough money to start a private investigation firm
>he drinks & gambles all day & night with what little is left
How would he have the money to hire a team of scientists, professional assassins, and spies? And their equipment ain't exactly cheap, either.
Black market and underground dealings doesn't pay that high?
Yet they somehow have access to high-tech gadgets, military-grade weapons, and they drive around town in European luxury cars.

All of these expenses somehow came out of a former low-ranking cop's pocket.
Fund embezzlement, good connections and smuggling would be enough to take care of that. I guess it all falls on how he covers his tracks.
I thought it was already decided that Professor Agasa is the final boss.
Explain why Chianti and Korn targetted Kogoro before FBI meddles.
Perhaps they don't know the boss's identity by face?
Gosho confirmed that Agasa is not the boss.


The only thing we know is that he or she has already appeared in the story. For all we know, it could be Generic Throwaway Character #73496.
Then he's almost killed by his own subs. I don't think Gosho will make it so lame.
>no citation or quote
And hell, he could just be fucking with the fans. What else can he say? It's not like he would've fessed up if someone had gotten it right.
>oh shit, they guessed right
>should I confirm? But then the manga will end
>nah you guys
It's Karasuma Renya. Gosho's been delaying his appearance until vol. 30.
Shit I dunno, try reading this then:

And no shit he's fucking with the fans. That's the fun of it.
File: wtfair.jpg (92.87 KB, 960x450)
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>Since the story is nearing its climax
>Conan having a build-up nor climax
>Conan ending
The manga had its 20th anniversary last week.

I'm surprised it's ending at all.
by "lame" fo you mean like "cliche" or something like that?
nope. a boss is almost killed by his own underlings by mistake. that's stupid and lame for sure.
>impliyng there isn't a retcon.
There damn well better be a retcon, because the manga has been running for 20 years, and supposedly only one year has canonically passed.

They've had several Christmas parties and Valentine's specials, the technology has progressed from fax machines to smartphones, fashion has changed quite dramatically, newer models of cars have been seen, and we are supposed to believe only one year has passed.
Side-effects of the drug; Conan's perceptions of technology, holydays and fashion are tripping.
That's a pretty impressive drug, then.

I'm too dumb to come up with innovative technology. If some faggot tried murdering me with a drug and failed at doing it, I could imagine up cellphones from the future, without any background in electronics or engineering.
if just one year has passed, doesn't this means that Conan has involved in at least two case on daily basis? what kind of shit is this?
Is it just me, or is Kazuha's voice starting to sound stale?

I understand that most of the voice acting cast has been largely the same since the beginning, so these people are getting older.

I haven't noticed any difference in the voices of most characters, except for Kazuha's. She's supposed to be an energetic teenaged girl, but she sounds like an old hag now. None of the other young characters sound old.

Does Asuka sound like an old lady in the Evangelion Rebuild movies? Because that's who the VA is.
What makes this more complicated is that certain episodes/chapters span more than one day.
what a pile of crap. Why didn't the author just say that three year as passed?
File: 23_James_2375[1].jpg (25.88 KB, 320x240)
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25.88 KB JPG
I don't know if you're being serious, but you're wrong.

The best candidate to be the Boss would be this guy...James Black

1. His last name being Black seems like too much of a coincidence that you wouldn't think it's him.
2. His last name being Black is also THE reason that the boss doesn't need a codename. Because the damned organization is named after him.
3. His age and background gives him enough resources, knowledge and time to setup the Black Organization.

Screencap this shit.
I guess the author just wants to keep the characters' ages the same to avoid cumbersome changes.

If three years passed, then Ran & Sonoko would be in college. By the time the case is closed and Conan can permanently turn back into Shinichi, he would be severely behind school.

Also, the Detective Boys are only relevant because their naivete gets them in trouble and Conan has to save their asses every time. If they got older, they would probably know better, and they would probably stop being relevant to the show.

But of course, a three-year timeskip would also *solve* a few things.

Way way back in Season 1, Ran's former teacher was involved in an attempted murder case. The culprit was her fiance, who she forgave. It's been later said that they got married "three years later." Technically, they still haven't married yet, because three years hasn't passed.
The "Black Organization" isn't the actual name of the organization. It's just a name the characters use out of convenience because they don't actually know the organization's name.

But I do agree that James Black is the most plausible candidate.

My only gripe is that he's sending the FBI on a wild goosechase to investigate the Black Organization. He could just as easily drop the case or have them work on something else.
File: Yusaku Kudo.jpg (53.18 KB, 461x541)
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the boss should be the who always out smart Conan

he is Yusako Kudo
File: 23_James_2375[1].jpg (25.88 KB, 320x240)
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25.88 KB JPG
I don't know if you're being serious, but you're wrong.

The best candidate to be the Boss would be this guy...James Black

1. His last name being Black is just to make it seem like too much of a coincidence so that you wouldn't think it's him.
2. His last name being Black is also THE reason that the boss doesn't need a codename. Because the damned organization is named after him.
3. His age and background gives him enough resources, knowledge and time to setup the Black Organization.

Also, here's a funfact: Haibara notes that James Black's name is similar to James Bond, and both are British as well. Conan points out that there is another British man with a similar name: "James Moriarty".

I'm calling this so screencap this shit.
but Aoyama could just let the time passed but make a stop the growing up for the character. NO one would complain about it, it makes more sense than "lol over 9000 cases and christman parties in jus one year".
That organization codename/fakename is not a coincidence. It could have Assassin clan or Thanatos Squad or whatever. Instead, we got Black Organization. There's a reason.
So time passes, but the characters don't go along with its flow?

So what, did everyone flunk out of school several times in a row?
File: bunny.jpg (23.31 KB, 232x197)
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Remember when the culprit always the one who we least suspect?

Now I can always guess who's the murderer
I would think the Boss is someone in media, another actor/actress.
I used to be younger than "Conan" when the series started, but now I'm older than Kudo.

Why the fuck is conan still the same age goddammit and when the fuck is this series finally going to conclude?
better than: "most of the shit you read it's barely canon, deal with it."
Didn't the author say somewhere that it's someone who has already appeared quite a bit and that it's not the professor? Or was that just something /a/ made up?
It has been less than a year in-manga time.

Which is why Conan hasn't fallen for Haibara's charms.
The suspect with the strongest motive didn't do it.

The blatant asshole with no sense of tact given the circumstances didn't do it either.

It's always the most innocent-looking person.

Sometimes, it's someone who the main characters know personally. I believe one of Kogoro's former classmates was a murderer, and one of Ran's teachers was a murderer.
It's definitely not Agasa.

It is someone who has already appeared, but this character's age, gender, and number of appearances has never been mentioned.
Fuck, I forgot about him and his whole "Crow Association."

It seems likely that he founded what would become the BO, but as to who the boss is now... Maybe the Kanji for Karasuma Renya is related to the kanji for another character?
Read my post here dammit
Yeah, he's the other guy on my list of potential BO masterminds. But it would just seem odd for an FBI station chief to be the head of a criminal organization with no one in three intelligence agencies knowing.

My primary suspect is Gin. The boss is hiding in plain sight.
File: 16.jpg (95.02 KB, 708x1095)
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I just had a thought. What if it's this guy?
Come on guys. Gosho said the manga was planned for three months run doesn't mean the character has appeared in the beginning. He could've been delayed his/her appearance again and again and again.
Eh, perhaps it's his descendant? And the whole raise the dead thisng is a plan to revive Karasuma Renya? The whole crow thing fits, too.
File: 1390600233529[1].jpg (23.03 KB, 480x400)
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Y'know, I always wonder what happens to the needles after each deduction. You never actually see anyone picking it up afterwards.

And I wonder why Conan never carries more than one on him, seeing as he occasionally needs multiple uses. I know he sometimes uses it to stop runaway criminals (which is rare, since he usually uses his powered shoes to kick soccer balls at them), then he's tapped out for the day when he needs to tranquilize Kogoro. Or, there might be times when he's out on a trip that lasts several days, or back-to-back cases.

And why is it that Kogoro is famous for doing the "sleeping act," but when anyone else gets tranquilized (often Sonoko & Yamamura, plus a few others), no one says anything? Not even a "Haha, that guy/girl is copying Mouri Kogoro!"

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