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When 12-year-old Mojo discusses her condition, it’s with adolescent knowingness: She pronounces herself “ridiculous” to be in love with a cartoon. And still, the obsession consumes her.

With allowance and Christmas money, and through strategic alliances with her little brother, she’s procured the first 15 books in the Naruto series — all that are available on the ever-growing manga aisle at our Borders. Mojo likes to hang out there, paging back-to-front through the novels, sampling the different series: other boy-oriented adventure series like Bleach and One Piece, and even sometimes Fruits Basket, a series aimed at girls.

At school, she hid manga novels inside her science textbook until a teacher busted her for reading them in class. But at home, she’s free to peruse them over and over, like holy texts, and to supplement them with the animated versions on YouTube.

By watching the original cartoons with English subtitles, she’s picked up a little Japanese — erudition that she generously shares with her brother. Last week, with a Sharpie marker, she wrote “Baka” on his forehead.

“It means ‘idiot,’ ” she explained.

Because it was in Japanese, the language of manga, he thought it was cool.
Mojo needs a re/a/ding list. Are you up to the challenge?
The girl needs a psychologist or something.
Its not too late to save her.
I raged.
Vinland Saga, Berserk, Hellsing, Historie, Baki, JBA, GTO, Fist of the North Star.

She's twelve, that means it's high time she started growing a beard.

Shitstorm in progress, please make your way to the shelters..
OP provide article sauce plz, we need to help educate young mojo

Your saving her would include a broom handle. So er, NO.
sage for Narutards
Manga/animé is the most popular category, and Naruto rules it. The site lists 128,000 Naruto stories, about 10 times what you get with a reasonably popular property such as Fruits Basket — or, for that matter, 24, Hannah Montana or The X-Men. It's about 10 times more than all the various Star Treks combined.
Only Harry Potter, over in the Books category, can top Naruto. The Lightning-Browed One has inspired more than 346,000 stories — but most of those, sniffs Mojo, are lousy.

She needs to start reading Hajime no Ippo.

Maybe by the time she gets caught up, a decent chapter will be out.
>but most of those, sniffs Mojo, are lousy.
What a heartwarming story.
Weeaboo interviews. Well, we knew they were going to happen sooner or later.
Wouldn't stuff like strawberry marshmallow, Yotsuba!, Card capture sakura etc be more in line with a 12 year old's mind?
“It means ‘idiot,’ ” she explained. "I learned that from megatokyo. It's sugoi dezz no?"
Ah. Writer disabled comments on the site.
Must be som viral marketin
>even in areas as apparently macho as Naruto

Gurren Lagann confirmed for Naruto 6
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Maybe she needs to be introduce to bleach?
sounds like a classic bish complex, but the writer wont admit it.

If its not stopped soon, shell be a yaoi fangirl before you realise.
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She needs to watch more shit.

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