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File: Eugeo.png (112.71 KB, 246x278)
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Eugeo was the MC all along.
Everything before was just the world's story of creation.

>Normal village kid, out in the middle of no-where, with aspirations to become a swordsman, and to save his childhood friend, who was taken away years ago.
>Happens to own a Divine Sword, from ancient myth.
>Encounters a being sent from another world.
>The stranger befriends him, and teaches him how to use the sword,
>Because of his growing knowledge, he becomes able to pursue the dreams he once had
>Encounters many obstacles, and overcomes them with the help of his "teacher,"
>Turns out, he's actually stronger than him, but he hasn't "unlocked his full potential".
>Oh, by the way, his partner was also his child-hood friend, but memory blocks and shit.

Of course, there's him "being tempted by the dark-side," but that's not uncommon either for the MC.
You forget that Kirito somehow made Eugeo break free of his AI constraints because logic h4x.
Can't wait for SAO, fujoshi edition
Eugeo for true MC
Ah yes, can't forget about
>He broke the curse which prevents anyone in the world from breaking any rules.
he learned from the master
Alicization is the only good arc of SAO
I would argue that GGO was also good, but yes. Alicization da best.
File: sinon kirito doll.png (1.18 MB, 800x766)
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it's a damn shame Sinon doesn't get any screentime after GGO.

there's still caliber

also if we get to mother's rosario there's no reason not to include her in some scenes here and there, those times they are all just hanging out
File: Spoiler Image (449.32 KB, 852x1200)
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449.32 KB JPG
Well, she gets to tease/bomb Kirito Again.
Eugeo also has that special power that only a few people have.
File: Nano hnngh blue.jpg (29.73 KB, 280x268)
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29.73 KB JPG
>the best girl becomes a cat girl
Well, she only went cat-girl because they have better senses, so she can see further, to shoot her bow.

Also, it gives way to scenes like these...
Someone should rewrite/compile Alicization, in a way that shows that Eugeo is MC.

man, i like alicization, but i would loved it if the rest of sword art online was just all the characters hanging around like in a sol, just completing some quests or aincrad floors, eventually try out some new games, go to some events and stuff, participating in in game tournaments and all that stuff.
>SAO as a sol.
Eh... I can see it happen. But there's a lot that would disappear, that I liked, from that.

like what?
I liked the Phantom Bullet arc, which couldn't exist as a sol in my opinion.
Alicization as well.

I don't think a sol based on VR Gaming would be bad, but yeah.

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