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>Error: You cannot delete a post this old

Fuck it then.




I just throw all my Nonons into my reaction images folder, because her face is good for that. But there's a lot.
File: 1389401416161.png (437.01 KB, 646x719)
437.01 KB
437.01 KB PNG
aww yeah
File: 1390877486112.jpg (189.63 KB, 945x709)
189.63 KB
189.63 KB JPG
File: 1387425508568.jpg (192.80 KB, 1920x1080)
192.80 KB
192.80 KB JPG
Which is better:

Smug Nonon or Grumpy Nonon?
File: 1385674700344.png (527.01 KB, 826x1139)
527.01 KB
527.01 KB PNG
Good, I need more Nonons
File: 1387425043524.jpg (283.31 KB, 600x800)
283.31 KB
283.31 KB JPG

The answer is sugary sweet Nonon
File: 1391104839313.jpg (141.27 KB, 1280x720)
141.27 KB
141.27 KB JPG
What does Nonon's mouth taste like?
File: 1390258469053.jpg (97.87 KB, 300x462)
97.87 KB
97.87 KB JPG
I hope we get more Nonon battling with classical music
File: 1390069526732.png (154.55 KB, 491x439)
154.55 KB
154.55 KB PNG
A dogs mouth.
File: embarassed nonon.png (246.86 KB, 299x496)
246.86 KB
246.86 KB PNG
File: COCK.png (82.09 KB, 401x403)
82.09 KB
82.09 KB PNG
File: NANI SORE.jpg (317.23 KB, 1920x1200)
317.23 KB
317.23 KB JPG
File: momom.png (1.08 MB, 884x768)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG

I can listen to this all day
File: 1389641340326.gif (1013.07 KB, 500x281)
1013.07 KB
1013.07 KB GIF
Grumpy, "Fuck off!" Nons is my favorite Nons.
File: nonononononon.jpg (137.19 KB, 338x600)
137.19 KB
137.19 KB JPG
>Not trapping Nonon inside your phone so you can bully her on the go
It starts to grow on you
File: 1387425443206.png (1.53 MB, 1436x1286)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
File: 8uu0.gif (32.07 KB, 240x200)
32.07 KB
32.07 KB GIF
i want to lift up her skirt so bad
File: prt1.png (301.55 KB, 799x483)
301.55 KB
301.55 KB PNG

You are not ready. Such perfect as what lies beneath Nonon's skirt would melt a human's eyeballs from their sockets unless you were the one she loved most
File: 1391185431210.jpg (258.49 KB, 600x847)
258.49 KB
258.49 KB JPG
>implying Takarada is not the best girl
File: 1389929253217.png (827.04 KB, 1280x720)
827.04 KB
827.04 KB PNG
>you will never remove Nonon's bloomers as she tries to hide her blushing by making a grumpy face
Nono is olev.
Nono is life.
Nono is what you need.

So post more Nono
File: 1388420381385.png (391.21 KB, 844x480)
391.21 KB
391.21 KB PNG
"nonon is best grill"

Best grill, of Krill la Grill, would you say?
File: 1391297492685.jpg (149.02 KB, 683x712)
149.02 KB
149.02 KB JPG

>No 'ZENI'

You tried.
File: true suffering.png (58.10 KB, 1902x209)
58.10 KB
58.10 KB PNG
File: 10-1374323839.gif (1.20 MB, 480x270)
1.20 MB
1.20 MB GIF
>mfw I look under Nonon's skirt.
File: 1389902151584.jpg (35.46 KB, 351x351)
35.46 KB
35.46 KB JPG
Slow night tonight. The Nonon thread the other day was more lively. These are probably better made during mid-day.
it was on the fly bro. the episode wasn't even out by then.
File: 1389903239127.jpg (108 KB, 1280x720)
108 KB
108 KB JPG

Would Nonon still be the best girl if she had braces and a lisp
File: 1390665926302.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
to a lot of the pedophiles on /a/, yes
i liked satsuki better anyway
File: 1390267002091.jpg (62.47 KB, 394x825)
62.47 KB
62.47 KB JPG

>"N-n-Nani ssshoreee!"

I ain't takin' that b8. m8
File: 1385324313422.png (465.12 KB, 1000x1458)
465.12 KB
465.12 KB PNG
That's fine, any true Nonon fan can also respect her beloved Satsuki-sama

Satsuki was meh to me until last episode. The betrayal was obvious, but it was so visually impressive and hot-blooded I don't give a shit.
Best girl
File: 1390353270613.jpg (63.55 KB, 600x800)
63.55 KB
63.55 KB JPG
>KLK folder
>It's just Nonon and Sharkteeth
And I wouldn't have it any other way.
That shit was literally so obviously going to happen once ragyo was introduced that anyone who missed it is fucking blind.
File: 06PIfew.png (718.35 KB, 1280x720)
718.35 KB
718.35 KB PNG

Trigger just loves throwing these homages/references in don't they
>tfw you forgot you had this running for the last 55 minutes
y-you too
File: 1386301964422.jpg (60.25 KB, 1280x720)
60.25 KB
60.25 KB JPG
Okay, writefag here.

Give me a prompt for Anon and his waifu Nonon, and I'll do my best.
they hold hands and kiss eachother in public
File: 1390256058256.png (339.53 KB, 638x720)
339.53 KB
339.53 KB PNG

Massaging the Nonon

Nonon massages the Anon
File: wowsocreativeandfunneh.png (28.84 KB, 119x306)
28.84 KB
28.84 KB PNG
Anon and Nonon discussing music and Anon saying Nonon taste in music is shit
Nonon must take to the skies alongside Hans "Sprudel" Rudel in a desperate effort to stave off a soviet armor column.
File: Top Non.jpg (179.36 KB, 400x720)
179.36 KB
179.36 KB JPG

No bullying the Nonon.


I'll do yours first.


I'll combine these two into one story since they blend well, and do them next.


We'll see.

Please be patient while I write this up and attempt to make it compelling. In the meantime, moar Nonon.
Nono is a fucking shit
Her VA is shit
Her character design is shit
Her show is shit.
Nono a shit
Nonon publicly humiliates Anon-chan.
Satsuki walks in on Nonon and Anon

These two have potential. I'll try them out as well.
do you guys think she wears that big hat just because she has a complex with her stature?
anon takes Nonon to the IHOP
File: image.jpg (44.32 KB, 356x450)
44.32 KB
44.32 KB JPG
File: 1377561032921.jpg (162.49 KB, 1280x720)
162.49 KB
162.49 KB JPG
>No bullying the Nonon

>implying candid expression of opinions are not a sign of affection

Nothing says closeness more than small arguments
Nonon is good
it's just her VA who's shit
File: 1391983966485.gif (1023.45 KB, 500x281)
1023.45 KB
1023.45 KB GIF
Nonon has the same taste in people as Misaka BEST. I'm surprised she's not getting wet over Nui.

Her VA is fine, and fits her character well.

File: 1391963364138.jpg (345.96 KB, 600x1120)
345.96 KB
345.96 KB JPG
Her VA is shit
she sounds like tewi
Your opinion is shit
You sound like /co/
Now I want a show about singer-songwriter folk group voiced by Shintani Mayumi, Yuu Kobayashi, Satom Arai, and Omigawa Chiaki.
fuck you faggot
you sound like /v/
i want to be that monkey so hard
laffing because everyone's waiting on writefag and not contributing
>you will never be an ambitious two-star in Honnouji Academy during the peak of Satsuki's rule
>you will never get out of class early one day due to being a generally well-liked minion and friend of the Elite Four, entitling you to such perks
>you will never head straight for the auditorium and barely make it in time for the performance
>you will never lean against the entryway and watch as a certain pink-haired girl leads her group of doppelganger band girls in a practice session
>you will never be the first and loudest clapper at the end of their performance, widening your grin as Nonon notices you there and tries valiantly to hide her slight blush
>you will never boldly invite Nonon to go for a simple walk on the grounds during your free period, even when you know she has class before you do
>you will never take her hand and lead her out of the auditorium, her minions chuckling quietly as she blusters out a barely intelligible "n-nani sore?!"
>Nonon will never remark on your forcefulness and, upon being reminded that she doesn't have to hold your hand if she doesn't want to, interlace her fingers with your own and pout slightly
File: 20131113162722_original.jpg (149.06 KB, 1280x720)
149.06 KB
149.06 KB JPG
Do you think Nonon whips them whenever they mess up a note?
File: 1386519098218.jpg (1.26 MB, 1411x2200)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG

>you will never lead Nonon up to the Garden Club's magnum opus, a small but very popular patch of land covered in flowers and adorned with the occasional bench
>you will never lead Nonon to one of the benches and sit down with her, simply content talking about the usual day-to-day routine
>you will never smile at her funny stories or offer sympathy over topics she is very stressed over, such as the upcoming test next period
>you will never look at her with such tenderness as she describes how afraid she is of failing in front of Satsuki, or otherwise being seen as an embarrassment by your mutual leader
>you will never use your index finger to bring her chin back up, planting a very chaste kiss on her lips and giving her your biggest smile and most encouraging words
>Nonon will never blush at least 7 different shades of red when a passing couple start to whisper furiously, occasionally glancing at the two of you and chuckling to themselves
>Nonon will never muster her spirit and kiss you right back with double the force, rising to her feet with a newly ignited confidence and promising to show you the 100% she's about to receive on that test
>you will never watch with amusement as her confident smile becomes an expression of pure horror when the bell for next period rings throughout the campus
>you will never rush Nonon to her next class and apologize profusely to the professor for making her late, assuming full responsibility and barely suppressing a grin when you look at your classmates expressions
>you will never know that they know and leave the classroom with the most satisfied look on your face
File: JohnPhilipSousa.gif (79.55 KB, 292x386)
79.55 KB
79.55 KB GIF
>waiting music

Both founders were Gainax alums, after all...
these bitches love sousa
Offer your thoughts/feels while I write up the next one. If you would like, I can continue the first prompt. Otherwise, I'll proceed according to keikakku and write the massage/sex one now.
File: 1391270485636.png (98.25 KB, 370x210)
98.25 KB
98.25 KB PNG

Well done, anon.

I'll start writing, too. I think last time I wrote someone requested Nonon teaching anon to play the flute, I believe. dis gun b gud
File: 228651913996522.jpg (65.42 KB, 711x1326)
65.42 KB
65.42 KB JPG
>that cameltoe
you know what i'm offering you?
my presence in this fuckin thread. write the massage one now fuccboi i aint got time for this shit tomorrow i have bitches to fuck

I'm tempted to combine Nonon romance with a Nui curbstomp, but that might not tickle everyone's taste.

I really like to imagine saving Nonon from Nui. Being the hero must feel so good, especially if you get to be your waifu's hero.
Let's see if I can resurrect my group

Maybe we can play fun games together o-or something

Nonon's Da Capo battle is my favorite. I have a fetish for giant death rays.

Patience is a virtue. And if I rush this, the quality won't be up to par. If you really have to go to bed, check the archive tomorrow.


>implying I'm not Wharblegurbleh from the group

Top fucking kek.
im joking writefag, i appreciate you. <333
File: img_1843055_66836178_11.jpg (60.30 KB, 1280x720)
60.30 KB
60.30 KB JPG
Often I have the wank fantasy of Nui fighting Nonon hand to hand, only for Nonon to turn out of be a master of smug-fu, and is casually able to counter Nui's every blow and outspeed her, eventually beating her shit in before being disabled before she can strike the final blow, for plot reasons

If only I had a steam, anon

Needs an anon drawn behind her.
File: 1388151554027.gif (2.81 MB, 480x270)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB GIF
This is a Nonnon thread right?
Get one and we can be friends and be lewd together

Don't listen to this anon, he bullies me.
File: 1370586520028.png (205.42 KB, 816x519)
205.42 KB
205.42 KB PNG
>especially if you get to be your waifu's hero.

I'm sure it does. But I all want is for Nonon to sweep me off my feet and princess carry me high up into the sky.
File: mfw nonon.png (484.58 KB, 1140x704)
484.58 KB
484.58 KB PNG
File: 100 out of 10.jpg (89.16 KB, 640x480)
89.16 KB
89.16 KB JPG

Saved. Saved hard.

Jesus christ I saved.
File: nonon lewd body.jpg (161.20 KB, 1920x1080)
161.20 KB
161.20 KB JPG
File: 1391869689963.jpg (1.42 MB, 1890x1890)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
You are my nigga
Where were you when you realized Nonon was the best Kill La Kill?
watching the first ep of kill la kill at my computer
File: 1386692251208.png (288.99 KB, 713x746)
288.99 KB
288.99 KB PNG
>you will never be daydreaming in the middle of class, itching to be free and finally test the limits of your Two-Star uniform
>you will never almost fall out of your desk in shock when the door is literally blown off of its hinges, letting out an exasperated sigh as Nonon walks in
>you will never find her amazing smile to be very infectious, spreading to you in moments as she motions for you to follow with one finger, promptly leaving the class
>you will never briefly apologize to the professor as he trembles behind his desk, secretly hoping the poor guy doesn't have a legitimate heart attack
>Nonon will never immediately grab you as soon as you leave the room and wrap you in a cute little hug, squeezing as tightly as her little arms will allow
>you will never run a hand gently through her hair and stare into those wonderful pink orbs, asking what has her so happy
>Nonon will never make a little squeal of delight and cover her mouth with both hands, her pride demolished by one little impulsive noise
>you will never barely keep a straight face and repeat your question, squeezing her shoulder slightly
>Nonon will never pull from her pocket a test with a PERFECT 100% boldly written on the front in Sharpie
>you will never (loudly) announce how happy you are for her, how you knew she could do it, how you never doubted her for a second, how you wish your grades could be perfect like hers
>you will never almost go into cardiac arrest as she slowly lowers her head with each praise, muttering something about how she could only do it because you were there to support her
File: that was stupid anon.png (355.61 KB, 451x714)
355.61 KB
355.61 KB PNG
>You will never be walking home from your One-Star class to your suspiciously-close to the Three-Star district condo, where you see your old buddy Nonon walking home
>You well never decide to go over and talk to her, much to the disgurntlement of her entourage, who immediatly try to cut you off, despite being a One-Star
>You will never smile as Nonon dismisses them, shooing them off as she invites you to her home for dinner tonight, rather than sneaking into your place (how did she even do that before?)
>You will never sit down with Nonon, who then orders non-descript members of the cooking club, who she also manages, to make you a meal
>You will never always find these to be some of the most delicious things you ever tasted
>You will never chit-chat with your cute hostess over dinner, where she pours into you everything about her day
>You will never make a snide enough quip about something embarassing to tick her off, getting her to stand up at the table and yell at you
>You will never make another snide quip about her attitude and watch her storm off, before feeling guilty for doing so
>You will never try to follow her, only for her to demand that you leave
>You will never feel incredibly hurt by this, before returning to your home and hitting yourself over the head for that
>You will never go to class the next day, sleepless and bothered; bowing your head when you get that stern look from Gamagoori, this one worse than ever
>You will never turn a corner and be stopped by Nonon, who sneers in your face as you try to stutter out an excuse
>You will never feel your tension and guilt dissolve into relief as she suddenly hugs you and begins to apologize
>You will never begin to apologize even more profusely as you make up to your dear friend, vowing never to make a remark like that again after what happened
>You will never hold Nonon tightly, promising to meet each other after class back at your house for dinner tonight, you gut wrenching as Nonon insists on cooking
File: 1391732557458.jpg (306.81 KB, 1920x1080)
306.81 KB
306.81 KB JPG
>This awful taste
>Nuifags in charge of creativity
File: 1391656318136.png (113.31 KB, 282x249)
113.31 KB
113.31 KB PNG
>Takaradafags calling anyone out

You can join the Nononfags in the shit taste corner.
File: 2000000cute.jpg (160.25 KB, 600x847)
160.25 KB
160.25 KB JPG

>you will never skip the rest of your classes alongside Nonon, spending the rest of the day together to celebrate
>you will never drop Nonon off at the Elite Four commons, giving those angelic lips a slow and firm kiss before turning to leave
>Nonon will never take hold of your wrist and raise an eyebrow in the most evocative manner possible, asking where you think you're going
>you will never spend a few seconds formulating a manly and charismatic reply, only to be denied any words as she drags you into the commons
>Nonon will never drag you into the commons and towards the door to her room
>you will never greet Gamagoori-sempai with the most "muh nigga" head nod imaginable as he plays pool with Sanageyamcha
>Sanageyamcha will never give you a thumbs-up when he knows Nonon can't see
>doge will never continue to look at his laptop, probably staring at gay porn like the faggot he is
>Satsuki will never stop taking a sip of her tea to scrutinize you for a moment, before giving you the slightest of nods
>you will never feel incredibly humbled and awestruck by all this happening within just a few short seconds
>you will never walk through a pink door into the cutest damn room imaginable
File: 1377634720412 (1).gif (1.93 MB, 280x280)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB GIF

Nuifag, I don't endorse what that Takaradafag is doing. But neither do I appreciate your attempted bullying towards the Nononfags in here.

I have no hate for Nui, or you. Stay if you must, but fling shit only in defense, please.

File: giv wur a chonce.jpg (27.40 KB, 234x272)
27.40 KB
27.40 KB JPG


18 hours sunk into it and counting.
At my computer, watching the PV for a show I had heard mentioned a few times but it seemed that everyone was getting hyped over.
I need to buy it No fucking gamestores within reasonable driving range around here

Now finish your lewd storyline that I might continue my cuddly one in a minute
Finishing up the massage/sex thing in the next post, then moving on to the next prompt.
File: 4186574874.jpg (97.01 KB, 510x648)
97.01 KB
97.01 KB JPG
How long until Ryuko and the Nonon fug?
Life is suffering.

As a reminder, these are part of the same canon.
File: 39882843.png (554.13 KB, 1054x968)
554.13 KB
554.13 KB PNG
Ryuko already overcame her personal trial though, Nonon likes her women messed up.

>implying not Nonon and Mako
File: dis nigga serious.jpg (183.40 KB, 340x455)
183.40 KB
183.40 KB JPG

>you will never slow to a complete stop and take in everything the room has to offer, stuffed animals as far as the eye can see
>you will never remark at her astonishingly large collection and tilt your head a bit when she awkwardly shuffles her feet, shrugging and saying that she likes stuffed animals a lot
>you will never close the door behind you and slowly walk up to your beautiful, musically-inclined girlfriend
>you will never look down at her and ask with a smile if she likes you even more
>you will never think you're fully prepared for her reply, only for her to catch you off guard with an unusual amount of bravado (even for her)
>"Let me show you."
>Nonon will never give you the most satisfying massage of your life, melting away all your stress in moments
>you will never offer to return the favor with the lewdest tone you can muster, eliciting a slight blush from her and then a nod as she turns around
>you will never slowly remove her dress as she stutters out a "n-n-n-ani sore?!"
>you will never ask her to trust you as you set the outfit aside, slowly working your fingers into the soft skin of her back and shoulders as she lies face-down on the bed
>Nonon will never make the cutest noises as you work tirelessly to please her, whimpering quietly and at one point even moaning
>you will never become extremely distracted by the rigid protrusion in your groin, trying valiantly to focus only on her and not her noises
>you will never fail spectacularly in doing this and succumb to your lewd impulses
Buy it on Steam

>You will never hear in advance from your friend Nonon that the Natrual's Elections are coming up soon and notice she seems worried for you
>She will never sneak over to your house every night, trying to convince you that you need to plan ahead if you want to survive and not get kicked out of school
>You will never not manage to convince her that you will be find, leading to you being smuggled all sorts of ridiculous musical instruments with weapons hidden inside them as Nonon tries to make sure you're not knocked out of the running
>You will never be sitting inside your house when the day of the Natural's Elections come after having snuck out, hiding out when you hear loud screaming coming from outside
>You will never look out the window and crack a smile as you see a massive floating, heart-shaped airship strafing the One-Star District streets, obliterating anyone who set foot on your block with utter impunity
>You will never sit on your couch and relax, turning on your TV and flipping through the channels as you consider how you're gonna pay Nonon back for this
>You will never worry about Nonon's well being, because there is no way anyone is hurting her, though you sometimes feel she's pushing herself too hard
>You will never fall asleep that night, lulled to rest by the Symphonies of Beethoven and the muses of Wagner, intermixed with the screams of defeated students, as you fall to rest under the watchful eye of your personal guardian angel
>You will never wake up the next day, your condo building having never suffered a scratch while the rest of your block is totally leveled
>You will never brush yourself off and walk off, whistling back to the Academy, being careful not to trip on the bodies of No-Stars who tried to usurp your place as you arrive just before the final rounds of the ceremonies take place, still unsure how to pay your friend back with something more than a hug
File: 1388623847331.jpg (28.65 KB, 252x240)
28.65 KB
28.65 KB JPG

What was really obliterated here were my sides. Very nice.
File: 1391988822168.png (622.10 KB, 1727x1887)
622.10 KB
622.10 KB PNG
>End of KLK , Satsuki regains her smile and everyone is happy all around.
>Nonon quietly leaves "ahh things have gotten boring"
>"I know right" says Nui suddenly appearing,"how about we go find some place more lively"
>Nui and Nonon then travel the world leaving chaos in their wake.
Where is this image from, even?
File: dis nigga srs.gif (1006.62 KB, 250x250)
1006.62 KB
1006.62 KB GIF

>you will never start kissing her on the back, enjoying the feeling of her body tensing up with surprise
>you will never work your way up to her shoulders and then her neck, playing the daredevil and nipping at her ear and collar as she lies prone beneath you
>Nonon will never absolutely give in to what she wants and flip you over with surprising strength, sitting on top of your groin in just her bra and panties
>the two of you will never look into each other's eyes in complete silence, breaking it only to ask her "Are you sure?"
>Nonon will never call you an idiot with a slight smile, asking you why she would bring you to her room so late at night for anything else
>you will never chuckle in response to this and flash her a smile, running your hands up her sides and almost losing your mind when she closes her eyes and moans in that perfect fucking voice, arching her head back
>Nonon will never slowly remove her bra and drop it on your face with a quiet laugh, obscuring your vision just long enough for her to fully undress and lie on top of you
>Nonon will never stop you from undressing yourself, taking the time to enjoy the process by doing it on her own
>Nonon will never slowly lower herself onto you with quiet moans, hissing a bit when you break her hymen
>you will never be completely baffled by how confident she is despite having no prior experience
>you will never withhold laughter and try to focus on the moment when your realize that she's more perverted than she looks, having obviously learned what she's learned through online porn
The information is from
>Elite 4 backgrounds from an extra that came with the BDs that were posted on 2ch.
File: youwillnever.jpg (364.82 KB, 500x1480)
364.82 KB
364.82 KB JPG

That almost makes her look like a villain from a Fukumoto manga
File: 1390881867346.jpg (23.14 KB, 240x251)
23.14 KB
23.14 KB JPG
so is gamagori a groid

This has dragged on a bit so I'll wrap it up here and move on.

>you will never wake up to the ever-joyful sensation of being eyefucked by rays of sunlight
>you will never groan and rub the sleep from those eyes, smiling a bit when you realize that Nonon had cuddled up to your during your post-coitus nap
>you will never slowly pull away from her and try to get out of bed, only to be grabbed by the wrist once again
>you will never turn your head back to look at her, the most gentle, affectionate gaze on that beautiful face of hers
>you will never ponder for a moment and truly come to appreciate how this side of Nonon is only for you, and will only ever be for you
>"Where do you think you're going?"
>you will never nod and slide back under the covers, just quietly pulling your bare chests together and embracing her, losing yourself in those pink eyes
>you will never tell her you love her, out of nowhere, breaking the silence
>you will never watch as moisture pools in the corners of her eyes, turning into full blown tears as she nearly squeezes the life out of you and says she loves you too
>you will never sleep in until noon with your naked girlfriend before finally crawling out of bed and getting dressed, walking into the commons as the rest of the Elite Four are having lunch
>you will never be astonished at how perfectly Sanageyamcha can ready lunch despite wearing a blindfold
>you and Nonon will never both be chided by Gamagoori-sempai, lectured on the rudiments of common courtesy and about how some noises should be kept to a minimum when it's the middle of the night and there are paper-thin walls everywhere
>you will never pull Nonon against you and rub the back of your head sheepishly, laughing it off while she looks like she wants to crawl in a hole and hide

could be a mexican or white argentinian

ira [ee’-rah]
1. Ire, anger, passion, indignation, wrath, fury (viento), choler, rage. (f)
2. Ire, desire of vengeance, chastisement. (f)
3. Violence of the elements or weather. (Metaphorical) (f)

La ira es mala consejera, wrath is a bad advisor. ¡Ira de Dios
File: 1386357193832.gif (48.12 KB, 200x242)
48.12 KB
48.12 KB GIF

I hope you guys didn't turn into spooky skellingtons while waiting, and I hope the story was up to par.

I might have to take a bow for the night, I'm pretty exhausted. More than willing to write again in the future though, just start another Nonon thread and summon me.

For those who don't already know, you may summon the Church of Nonon's reputable writerfags by burning an effigy of Harime Nui and reciting ten Nani Sore?!s
File: she sees you&#039;re dick.png (1.09 MB, 1917x1081)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
>white argentinian
>Nonon's face when


I'm having a heartboner anon.

I'll pick up the slack and post one more in a minute.
File: 1391308829988.jpg (65.66 KB, 630x490)
65.66 KB
65.66 KB JPG
Satsuki never had the best role model for how you should act around people your close to. I wonder if satsuki ever did anything naughty to nonon when she stayed over.
File: 143243243.png (438.95 KB, 1366x768)
438.95 KB
438.95 KB PNG
I've made just about everything on my computer Nonon. When will we get official merch so I can have some Nonon in the 3D realm?
On the table for the future:

- Anon protects Nonon from Harime Nui by distracting her for as long as he can until backup arrives

- Nonon publicly humiliates Anon, which somehow actually turns into a really cute relationship and they fall in olev

- Satsuki walks in on Nonon and Anon, either kissing/groping or sexing

- Anon takes Nonon to a pancake place and is astonished by her appetite, and resolves to start making pancakes for her in the mornings

For any posters/lurkers with ideas, speak now or forever hold your dicks until the next thread.

I can't into custom Chrome backgrounds, please share your knowledge with me. D-did I offer enough in this thread to constitute such generosity? I really want that for myself.

Whatever you do, make it lewd. That way my cuddly buddy-buddy greentexts can have their own niche

Lewd is my middle name.
Poor monkey. You can see that by the time Nonon was in middle school, it was so old and close to death.

She probably cried for days when it died.
pls no ;_;

New possibility?

Anon was Nonon's friend from back in middle school, and followed her to Honnouji where their relationship blossomed.

But while they were still friends, Anon comforts her in the loss of her monkey.
File: 1387425232298.jpg (131.03 KB, 474x480)
131.03 KB
131.03 KB JPG

Fuck I was starting to write that

Shoulda called it first
File: 43.png (342.26 KB, 1346x614)
342.26 KB
342.26 KB PNG
>Install Stylish for Chrome (Should be found easily via google search)
>Go to your extensions, click options, and Write new style.
>Name it whatever, paste this code into it.

body::after {
position: fixed !important;
content: url('http://i.imgur.com/Bk9KBQQ.png');
bottom: -3px !important;
right: 0px !important;

Default Values
bottom: -17px !important;
right: 0px !important;

>Set it so it applies to URLs on the domain boards.4chan.org and rs.4chan.org

And there you go. Nonon will forever be looking smug at whatever shitposts you're looking at. Works best with the black style. Having Nonon has greatly improved my 4chan experience.
File: Aim for the top.jpg (740.63 KB, 2048x1536)
740.63 KB
740.63 KB JPG

I may just have Anon die in the fight with Nui, but not before absolutely reking her by severing one of her drills.
File: Pure olevs.png (331.63 KB, 799x800)
331.63 KB
331.63 KB PNG

You're my new best friend, anon. Thank you!

By all means, write it if you want!
JaKUZUre Nonon

TL note : Kuzu means garbage
Thread is kill. No.

Oh well. Good night everyone, try not to die before the next thread.
File: 1390248002151.png (112.66 KB, 333x750)
112.66 KB
112.66 KB PNG

These threads probably do better in the middle of the day, anyways.

Oh well.

Joined yer steam group by the way

I'll save my own writefagging for next time. Goodnight Nonon thread.
So is this girl confirmed for crazy? I mean, she has a monkey skull hat, is a yandere lesbian and a concert freak.
File: 1389759246870.jpg (99.35 KB, 840x525)
99.35 KB
99.35 KB JPG
>Yandere Lesbian

Not really. She's just a chick best friend. Nonon acts towards Satsuki in a way that is very typical of girls and their best friends, especially when young.

>concert freak

She's the director of a marching band and several other music-related clubs, it's her schtick.

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