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Who even is Ai Enma? She's not as much of a protagonist as her clients are, she's clearly not the antagonist. Maybe she's the personification of a divine idea of fate or karma, but she has a personality that adds a different feel to the show than just that.

While I'm philosophizing, can one of you fine gents tell me how I get all the images of her from the boorus onto my computer? And feel free to discuss one of the great anime.
She's an immortal 13yo girl who over centuries of labor forced upon her by ultimate evil has gained a certain level of whoa.
Hell girl was too formulaic.

Like Scooby Doo
Only in the first half of the first season. They started playing with it by adding a guy trying to stop her in the second half and toying with the formula in every way possible in Futakomori.
It tells you her backstory near the end of season one.
Yeah, there's a backstory as to why she's doing it, but what is she? Are we really supposed to believe she's a would-be sacrifice to the gods who destroyed her village out of hate or is there more to it? Someone somewhere said that everything is a symbol.
She's a psychic who was cursed, beaten and now hates everything.
"Die in a fire" -Enma Ai
So that download everything thing?
Watching Mitsuganae, and I don't like the fact that she lost her body in Futakomori and is unable to do all that cute lounging around the spider lily fields like she normally does.
But the shots of her lurking around in ghost form are god-tier.

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