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File: 1365404023248.png (6.22 KB, 334x330)
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6.22 KB PNG
You really think some shitty fucking chocolates are enough for your waifu? You really think she's that materialistic?

Don't be a lazy asshole. Be a real man and write your waifu a poem. If you can't take the time to do that one thing that one god damn time of the year dedicated to the prosperity of your relationship - then why the fuck are you even in it to begin with?

Do you have a waifu just to fucking fit in with your faggot "friends" on some shitty anonymous imageboard?
Do you actually even like your waifu, or is she just some cute icon representing part of your pathetic identity?

Valentine's Day is on Friday. I'll have a thread up then for waifu poems. I'll be saving some of the good poems (if there are any) for next year.
I love my waifu. I can't stop thinking about her, but I'm a really shitty writter and my vocabulary is limited.
>shitty poetry
>not performing and/or composing electronic jazz for your waifu

step it up faggot
I mean, it's cheesy to say but it's really true that "it's the thought that counts"
you gotta at least make an effort - and she'll notice that
File: 040.jpg (144.14 KB, 550x900)
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144.14 KB JPG
I'll participate, sure.
>she'll notice that
Nope. She is a cartoon. You know, like Bugs Bunny or Porky Pig.

I would call you a total faggot, but I'll do it anyway because my waifu does in fact deserve a nice poem.
I don't know how your relationship with your waifu is but I do write for her quite often. On the other I never bake cookies for her. My cookies will be disgusting but at least I'll do something I never did for her. Your project is a good idea for people who never did something like that.

I'm currently working on a ''chanson de geste'' that I want to give her for our anniversary that is coming in 3 months.
Valentine's Day is when your waifu is supposed to give you something, numbnuts.
Then you give her something back on White Day.
File: 1389305818078.gif (800.71 KB, 250x123)
800.71 KB
800.71 KB GIF

Porky pig sounds like such a lewd name. doujins when?
sorry, I forgot we all live in Japan and obey all Japanese customs
File: Wayne Brady.jpg (14.70 KB, 512x384)
14.70 KB
14.70 KB JPG
I'm here today, to prove that I'm not gay
In fact I have a special someone for Valentine's Day
Her skin's a little bit rough, and her favorite board is /lit/
I may not be Hisao, but I'll give her the chocolate
File: Drew Carey.jpg (13.19 KB, 512x384)
13.19 KB
13.19 KB JPG
Well, Valentine's is a holiday where I'm usually mopey
But now I'm writing a poem, as suggested by the OP
I do have a waifu, and though I am well-paid
Even after the weight loss, I still can't get laid!
File: Colin Mochrie.jpg (18.67 KB, 512x384)
18.67 KB
18.67 KB JPG
This year, I am hoping for no Valentines
I hope I don't get anything that implies "Be mine"
Otherwise, this coming March, I'd give something white
I would use my hair, but I can't even get that right
File: Ryan Stiles.jpg (14.31 KB, 512x384)
14.31 KB
14.31 KB JPG
Oh boy, Valentine's, a challenge I can take
I've got everything ready, I even have a cake
For my date, I've made a special reservation
I sit my ass in front of the screen and watch some animation
I believe it's the other way around
File: all.jpg (19.43 KB, 512x384)
19.43 KB
19.43 KB JPG
Nope, the girl gifts the guy gifts on Valentine's, then the guy gives the same girl gifts on White Day.

The above only applies to east Asian countries (Japan, China, Korea, etc.).

In western society, 99% of the time, Valentine's gifts are given from the male to the female.

10/10 made my fucking day
File: 1366140258425.png (191.13 KB, 375x544)
191.13 KB
191.13 KB PNG
good jobu
You're all a bunch of faggots, every single one of you.
I'd rather get eaten by dogs and then fuck a shoe.
But hell, who am I kidding?
I'll write since it's fitting.
/a/, the worst board on 4chan.
The easiest place to catch cancer and ban.
Fuck your waifus, and fuck your autism.
I'm better off converting to Catholicism.
Thanks Cena.
From the sad panda threads to the kawaii.
It makes me want to take a vacation in Hawaii
It's so fucking bad, Not even rad.
Hell, you even started singing japanese fads.
I came from /k/ to tell you, oh what a thrill.
But I'm no better: I watch Kill La Kill.
Why not take your depression pills?
Over the mountains and on the hills,
Dreaming of technicolor girls and their big girls.
Why not get a real girl?
You guys are so bad it makes me want to hurl.
Can you live a day without fapping?
Or without waifu napping?
NTR is the worst, Barcode Kanojo taught me this first.
But alas, in the end you guys never learn.
You never grow past the age of a fern.
Pick up a hobby that isn't cumming on figurines.
And stop going on your pc machines.
Finally, the steps to a better life.
Sharper than the will of a knife.

Fuck you all, I'm going back to /k/.
Watching anime
Its now time to watch cute girls
Your waifu a shit
File: Revy is Excited.jpg (346.60 KB, 1920x1080)
346.60 KB
346.60 KB JPG
I'll definetely participate, even though she's definetely not the poem person.
File: 0d.jpg (555.89 KB, 1000x1723)
555.89 KB
555.89 KB JPG
Alright, I'll do the poem. She deserves it.
People should guess who the waifu is based on the poem.
File: 1388390617970.jpg (157.28 KB, 626x907)
157.28 KB
157.28 KB JPG
For Valentines, I'm writing a poem for my waifu
She's beautiful and strong, my dear Isoroku
But then, it's a pretty hopeless romance
Yours would be too if you were to try and steal a woman from Rance
Only 3DPD girls care about Valentine's day because it's a day when men are forced to buy them expensive girls or they get free license to cheat because the man doesn't care about them.

If you're waifu loved you she wouldn't want anything.
File: haruko a qt 3.14.png (565.85 KB, 1025x767)
565.85 KB
565.85 KB PNG
I already wrote her a haiku. A Poem? Fine.

Let me show you mai waifu,
She's a bit odd, and a little crazy
And her morals are sometimes hazy,
But she's still the love of my laifu.

And even if she's violent, or perverted at times,
I can't not love my lovely Haruko
No matter if the girl is totally loco,
Because her eyes outshine the sunshine--

Her blistering heat ensnares my heart like a vine,
I would fall to my knees for the Goddess of my shrine,
And for her sweet smile I'd perform any crime--
Do any time and pour out rhyme after rhyme;

I would shackle myself the bow of the Titanic;
I would cut off my legs and not show panic;
Not even a little, and I don't care they think I'm manic,
Because my love for this girl is more than transatlantic--

I would slave myself to walk off the Earth unto Pluto,
And save myself from the analysis of any of of it's, pseudo--
intellectual psychiatric hacks and their mental judo,
Just for the chance to hold my sweet, sweet Haruko.

Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie.
File: 1377688179794.gif (165.83 KB, 267x199)
165.83 KB
165.83 KB GIF

This one is pretty good.
File: 1390071077333.jpg (80.88 KB, 398x452)
80.88 KB
80.88 KB JPG
Your hair is greasy and your feet are sweaty,
Your palms are sticky and your legs aren't steady.
But I love you so, and my body is ready,
'Cause I just can't get enough of your spaghetti.

So you're not cool, and you don't have style.
You feel your best friend's surpassed you by a mile.
Social interaction fills your throat with bile,
And I'm still here loving you all the while.

I'll admit, reading your stories tends to make me sad,
Seeing you hurting leaves me feeling so mad.
But when I see your smile, it makes me quite glad,
And makes me think maybe things aren't so bad.

Best I've got for 4 AM.
Wow pretty fucking amazing. Happy 4AM, nice waifu.
File: lewd.png (74.09 KB, 284x326)
74.09 KB
74.09 KB PNG
Well, that made my night.

But /a/non, I already am a poet. If I wrote her a poem, that would just be par for the course.
>tfw no waifu
>I already am a poet.
Well, that sounded pretentious.

I just hope you don't wear a turtleneck & beret, have a goatee, and snap your fingers when you mean to clap.
File: beatniks-711696.jpg (54.21 KB, 700x531)
54.21 KB
54.21 KB JPG
hey daddy, cool it with them negative waves man
File: 1376713604330.jpg (40.40 KB, 641x480)
40.40 KB
40.40 KB JPG
>actually celebrating Valentines Day
write her a haiku
waifus love haikus
The world has turned
And so many have burned
But nobody is to blame
File: Mokkochi approved.gif (1.28 MB, 640x360)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF

I own one turtleneck. I'm just a neckbeard like you, only my meager income is derived from the fact someone liked my poetry enough to give me a TA job. I have only three publications...well, it will be three when the magazine that accept a poem I wrote last year and was supposed to print it in Fall actually prints their next edition.
roses are red
violets are blue
your waifu a shit
and you are too
File: s.jpg (8.77 KB, 300x168)
8.77 KB
8.77 KB JPG
Fuck your shit OP, my waifu gets only the finest meat
Next time i feel down i'll remind myself that at least i'm not retarded as people in threads like this.
Kissless virgins talking about their imaginary cartoon wifes, jezus fucking christ.

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