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Slowpoke.gif, etc.

Just marathoned all three seasons over Sunday, and I'm about to dive into the manga this week.

I've got to ask though...

Does the manga end the same fucking shitty, terrible, abysmally depressing and idiotic way the anime series did? If so, fuck that noise, I won't waste my time reading it.

Thanks in advance. Just trying to decide if I should burn the ~10 hours or so it would take to read the manga. Would prefer to avoid needless rage fuel.
It's ongoing.
So the anime end was anime-original content? Or does it follow the storyline pretty faithfully.

Really, I'm just trying to figure out ahead of time if best girl loses in the manga as well.
Sensei is actually time travel Elise.
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The best girl didn't even make it into the anime, except as a cameo, pic related.

Waifu opinions aside, chihiro getting rejected like she did still happens, she hasn't had a major role since that arc.
Some argue she will be important and be the true end, some disagree, only the author knows for sure.

Current Manga mega-arc immediately follows the events of the most recent anime arc, it's MOSTLY agreed that it is dragging on longer than it needs to be, but on the plus side you get to see Keima conquer a loli.
Well shit.

Looking at the current scanlation list it seems like the anime covered up through about 2/3 of the manga so far.

Thanks for the info, I guess I'll burn through the manga as well. It's a monthly release thing, right?


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