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What the fuck
What do you mean?
Why was it such shit after episode 4?
The fucking fat old man that went full retard, that whole fucking medicine plot line, this shit was set up to be so cool and THEN THAT FUCKING OLD FAT MAN RUINS IT ALLL
I cried at the wasted potential of this show.
Yeah Oba's bullshit kinda ruined the show.
Loved it.
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I enjoyed it, even if it got a little wacky near the end. It had an awesome backstory.
>bahh why didn't Masaaki Yuasa make a grimdark hardboiled series

Only the last episode really pushes the comedy/romanticism into cringe territory, but it has a solid ending to make up for it.
nigga don't even pretend those last few episodes didn't leave a bad taste in your mouth
I was wondering why this reminded me of Claymore so much and then I saw it was animated by Madhouse. Still, it was a pretty cool show, especially near the beginning, it had that cool Blade Runner vibe going on.
File: 1351066499899.jpg (14.50 KB, 640x480)
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>that Rie scene soon after
>tfw I fapped to it
I never got that far but ohoho she was pretty good because 2D rarely gets me hard nowadays. Come to think of it Yuka didn't even seem that bothered by them doing it?

fuck that song and OP are soo good
Taste has nothing to do with it
What was so bad about the medicine plotline?
File: nowWe'reCooking.jpg (76.79 KB, 600x300)
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I should have seen that coming.
I thought the focus was going to be on Yuka and Toshihiko, how they develop as a couple, how they deal with the Flesh Eater problem. I was expecting the Kifuuken to be like the main antagonists. Yeah it's a bit generic but it's a damn site better than introducing Oba as this super OP big bad guy who also happens to... You guessed it, have a plot to destroy the world.
I think the first half of the series shows a good enough example of how they deal with Yuka being a flesh eater.

The medicine part of Oba was his only good aspect (the final showdown was fucking stupid). I liked how it didn't completely abandon the Kifuuken as being good guys (well, at least for the most part), but I think there was a lot of rushed writing in there. I haven't watched it in ages though, so I might feel differently if I watched it tonight.
Honestly it made me so mad seeing how they handled that ending, Oba was just like.. What the fuck.
that was painful, it has a lot of potential, I endend hating it
It was obviously coming across as too straightforward so they went full retard to make it appear unique.
Has anyone read Ping Pong?

Does Yuuasa seem like a good match?
Is this the over rated shit thread? I can't tell without a picture of Dr. Tenma.
>Has anyone read Ping Pong?
>Does Yuuasa seem like a good match?

better than that hack Michael Arias who did the manga-ka's other work Tekkonkinkret
File: 1388007808028.jpg (100.14 KB, 1078x710)
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>that moment of heartbreak when a really good anime starts falling to pieces before you

At least give a good 10 episodes before you shit the bed it's not fair

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