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continuing from this post. gunDAMN 00 fags keep on fagging up the thread.

anyway, what the heck's wrong with single way transgender anyway? as if the comedy and the romance parts will be removed anyway, lulz. besides, having a shoujo comedy would be good, at least it's something out of the ordinary for once.

pic unrelated, yet KonataXkagami might have a connection within this. in b4 anti-/u/ trolls.
if this is /u/ content then take it to /u/
It would change some things, besides doesn't Kyon at one time clearly said he didn't swing that way? It would make sense if Kyonko would be the same when the whole KyonHaruhi relationship can't happen.

One-sided genderbending isn't as fun as doing the whole nines.
Simple enough: It wouldn't be the same show.

Yuki might work. Mikuru might pass. Izumi's boring typecast is more typical of females in anime anyway. Kyon would be something hard-pressed to prove completely effective just based on his-turned-her dynamic with Haruhi and Mikuru.

Haruhi wouldn't work the same if it was some pouty, arrogant little pissant who thought he could get his way through extortion and manipulation. He'd be every harem lead ever all over again, and we all know to the elevens: that means a protagonist that gets the piss kicked out of him every thirty seconds during the show. Ergo, the whole "don't piss him off/upset him or we're all doomed" angle would be utterly ineffective.

Transgender means rescripting the storyline, plot, and characterization completely.

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