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Hey /a/,

call me crazy, but what if it turns out that nearly every JC Staff anime is set in the same universe and that it turns out that JC Staff is planning its own team up anime? (ala The Avengers)

Think about this:

Chiyo Papa is assembling a superhero team consisting of:

-Kamijou Touma
-Ayaka Kagari
-Misaka Mikoto
-Takumi Usui
-Lina Inverse
-Sherlock Shellingford
-Kuurubyutei Gankyou

And all these MCs join forces to stop Alesteir Crowley and Academy City Forces from destroying Tokyo

Would you watch a JC Staff Team-Up anime? And do you think that publishing companies like ASCII and Kodansha would follow the Marvel/DC crossover team up trend from the success of Avengers & Superman & Batman
I want to see TouMAN fight Taiga.
I wouldn't mind.

But having WCW set in the same world with Raildex is kinda weird really.
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Semon Demon vs Index when?
Crossover shows are shit.

Fun to imagine, but delivery is almost always lacking.
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I'd watch it.

Well, the problem is that crossovers are usually made to rake in cash rather than to entertain.

And anime crossovers outside Jump rarely happen and i think it's time for one to be made in team up fashion.

And the same applies in Hollywood since there was a never a single crossover team up film before The Avengers.
I do want to imagine that after the end credits of each JC Stagg anime, the MC meets with Pap Chiyo saying "HELLO EVERYNYAN"

Do they battle the combined forces of KyonAni?
Holyshit the game they're playing in the picture is great.
I played it with a Nip for about an hour before, not exchanging a single word because I didn't want to sound like a giant weaboo and he didn't speak english.
Beat the fucker a few times.


Yeah that would be weird. One world where magic works because of laws and such.

The other where magic works, because well magic, we don't have to explain shit.

Not to mention power levels of even scrub witches like tanpopo are hard to measure, able to create Kaiju sized mechanical bunny on a whim. Then you get monsers like Kazane who tanked a magical nuke for every single normal person in the city, and just needed a weeks rest afterwards.
A Dengeki crossover by A-1/JC Staff would have higher chances of happening

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