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Personal rant thread about animus

I've personally never had a problem with weaboos, I liked the fact they were into stuff like Naruto and Bleach and Inuyasha because while I could enjoy them (Well, not Naruto) I didn't take it that seriously.

But now we have Crunchyroll, you get some godawful, shitty fucking anime coming out and a bunch of weaboo kids (The young generation, mainly) talking about how great it is and how cute it is.

Maybe this is just my /a/utism acting up but it's annoying to see weaboos jump on the cute girl shows that they normally would have avoided/ignored. Since they've gotten popular, they've spawned hundreds of copycat shows which are vastly inferior.

I remember walking around and EVERYONE was doing the popular series at the time, which were mainly sci-fi in nature and the 'cute girls' were for the losers. I was happy with this, happy with having loser tastes because I could be friends with the weaboos who I thought had loser tastes.

It was a perfect interchange of losers. This is why I never had problems with weaboos.

And now they're running around, using the word "Moe" like it's Kawaii 2.0. They don't even say it right, it's like they're just yelling about the Simpsons' bartender endlessly. Why can't I have nice things, it's like the commercial mainstream is hellbent on ruining my hobbies like a child smashing open a wasps nest in your room while you sleep.

(and no i am not trying to be a speshul snowflak btw)
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Not your blog.
You sound like a faggot but i feel you OP
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The bastardization of the word 'moe' pisses me off too. It's being used by people to mean almost everything including kawaii 2.0, KyoAni's artstyle and iyashikei. The worst is when you try to help someone out and explain what it means and they just vehemently defend their ignorance and say the language is evolving.
It's OUR shows. How dare they like OUR moeshit.
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The encroachment of weeaboos upon /a/'s culture is really concerning. People at large seem to have forgotten that a weeaboo is not synonymous with someone that watches anime, but is mean to point out a shameless, raging faggot running around with a headband and cat ears. Weeaboos are using the term "weeaboo" as both a joke and a term of endearment, when it's nothing but an insult towards them.

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