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Okay /a/ pick an anime you like, any anime.
pic related.

Okay you picked? Good. That anime is now fully dubbed into english and you're going to be forced to watch it from start to finish. You chose the voice actors. How fucked are you, /a/?
FINALLY! They only did the first season and I've been wanting the rest dubbed.

sage for shit girl in OP
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or this

Jokes on you, dubs are superior and the English cast for DxD is god-tier.
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Yui voiced by Waka Flocka
Panty and stocking
Works out fine just the way it is.

Lovely my angel, Ayase-tan!
Alright then, I'll go with most recent one.

>Troy Baker as Ken
>Lisa Ortiz as Kurimu
>Karen Strassman as Chizuru
>Wendee Lee as Minastu
>Stephanie Sheh as Mafuyu

Is it bearable /a/?
>everyone is now voiced by Roger G. Smith
another "hurr durr all dubs suck" thread. for people that hate dubs you sure do love talking about them and apparently watching them.
File: 1391996273977.gif (619.28 KB, 241x182)
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>Sekai Seifuku
>All of them voiced by Morgan Freeman
It's beautiful.
>Death Note
>every last single character is voiced by Roger Guenveur Smith
File: Tears - Ep 22 [17.57].gif (756.56 KB, 440x330)
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Don't make me live through this twice.
fucking weeb
File: YouThought.png (64.10 KB, 273x264)
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>Christopher Walken as Dokuro-sama
>Yuri Lowenthal as Keima and the 4 other males in the series that have lines
>Tara Strong as every Female in the series since other English female VA's don't exist.
I'd rather have creative input and veto rights for the script.

I think the problem is the worst translations don't even bother to be clever, translate the tone or the jokes and just go for the most basic literal interpretation.
I'd watch it on a rainy day.
Jokes on you. I picked Stand Alone Complex
File: Rika fish.jpg (296.07 KB, 2048x1536)
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I would pick the current VA's, so I've already done this.

Would would anyone watch a show in a foreign language when the localization is of reasonable quality? Fucking hipsters.

Pic related.
How are you supposed translate all the jokes in seitokai

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