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After watching Roberta's Blood trail there's some details that went over my head or didn't get a good explanation. I hope some manga fags can help me.

Why did Eda help Mr.Chang and Roberta? I get that the Grey Fox's mission was against the interest of the CIA but i'm not sure what was the conflict.

Why did Rock's plan have no effect on Roanapur or the Triad in the end if Shue Yan was arrested?
Yet another Blood Trail thread ignored. At least it isn't the one I made this time. I guess the only way to start a Black Lagoon thread is to put Revy's tight little ass in the OP.

I can't give you the manga POV, but here's what I understood after watching the OVA. Eda and the CIA don't like the NSA's meddling in the region and want to one up them. Basically it's a question of which branch of the United States Intelligence Community will determine what actions constitute acting in the national interest of the United States in that region. The CIA wants the NSA out of their back yard.

The CIA used whole debacle with Grey Fox as leverage back in the states and the President not only told the NSA to fuck off, but gave the CIA Shue Yan. It is suggested that the CIA wants to keep the status quo in Roanapur and control the flow of drugs using Chang as a sort of "shadow strong man" so it's likely that Shue Yan will be plopped right back into the Triad's hands.

In the manga Roberta is completely invincible, annihilates Grey Fox while barely taking any significant damage and the whole thing with Shue Yan is left unresolved...according to the wiki, anyway.
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Thank you anon, that makes a lot of sense. The anime doesn't explain much about Eda and the CIA so it was hard to understand their motivations.

Posting some Revy too.

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