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Is this the most elitist message board in existence? Will Scarred Sun ever take the dragon dildo out of her hairy pussy? Is the Tweaker scandal the most hilarious thing to have happened to the Sonic "community"?
Perhaps you should tell us about this 'tweaker scandal'

He was the guy in charge of Sonic Retro, along with Scarred Sun. He admitted that he wanted to rape his sister, and did actually fondle her. The person he confided in called the cops and he was arrested. Retro now has a forum-wide ban on just mentioning him, and does it's best to pretend he never existed. If you do ask questions about it, you get banned and probably erased from existence.
Not anime.
What does this have to do with anime/manga?

Fuck off back to /v/, cretin.
Fucking normalfags
Just how much of an autistic waste of oxygen do you need to be to even give a tenth of a runny shit about some shitty sanic site?

Double that for making offtopic shitposts on /a/ about it.

Oooo, look at me, I read anime and watch manga, I'm so not autistic! Silly Sonic loving assburgers, what loooooosers! FUCK YOU!
Careful spergmaster, you're about to give yourself an aneurysm. Go take 5 in the hugbox and get your spergrage under control.
>and did actually fondle her


>typical /a/ poster

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