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ITT: Anime you want to be a thing, and why.

Fucking love Hellsing. Anything by Kouta Hirano would be awesome. Plus the manga's pretty damn good.

>Super Danganronpa 2
I'd play the damn game, because I'm sure they'd fuck up the story, but I can't find an English patch anywhere.

>Hellsing: the Dawn
I know there are all ready some episodes of it, but they just stopped, and from what I've read, they don't plan on making more. I need more Girlycard.
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Wheel of Time full adaptation with good production values.
Yandere Kanojo. Meguru or Minoru would be cool too.
Well they've announced a Drifter's OVA series so no worries for that one.

Have they? If you're talking about the animated short, I heard that was just to get awareness for the manga.
Well you're right.
Yup. I'm praying they do, though. It's so interesting.
3 Gatsu no Lion
Baccano s2

Because they're worth it
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I want a touhou anime.

I want to see the anime as a harem with Rinnosuke as the MC. It would be more of a slice-of-life show with Rinnosuke dealing with a different girl each episode or something like The World God Only Knows with one girl for each arc. The atmosphere would be kind of relaxed like Mushishi and Aria but with a comedic tone like sayonara zetsubou sensei.

I'm thinking the first season should at least be 26 episodes.

1-3 Would be centered around Reimu. She wears his clothes often.

4-10 would be Marisa since she's important, basically Rinnosuke's imouto. Deals with a lot of stuff, exploring Marisa and Rinnosuke's past.

10-16 would be the Sakuya arc. A long arc with Rinnosuke working as a butler in the SDM after a fight broke out in his store, which is being fixed during his stay.

17-20 would be Yukari arc and has him doing various things with Yukari and possibly Maribel, exploring the outside world perhaps?

21-26 would be the childhood friend arc and Keine would be the focus. As children, Rinnosuke and Keine bonded because they were the only half breeds in the human village.

The arc ends with Keine giving birth to Rinnosuke's daughter, Tokiko

Animated by SHAFT because they're experienced with doing ahoge harem MCs.
>look it up

>girlycard will never sit next to you
oh wait nevermind I didn't read the rest of the chain

fucking christ I keep falling for it

yeah its about time touhou got a anime.
Hellsing is terrible.
Ace Combat. Belkan War from the perspective of an Osean Squadron. Trips to the round table and on base shenanigans abound, occasional Cipher or Pixy sighting.
File: girlycardpajamas2.jpg (386.30 KB, 500x500)
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Still not announced. That animated short was just to raise awareness for the manga.

No further plans for future animated productions of the Drifters manga have been announced.

Also, she won't, but looking at her grind on a coffin pillow is comfort enough.
I've heard a lot of people have that opinion.
I respect it, even though it's wrong.
Gormenghast anime done by SHAFT

Dantalian no Shoka S2

Sora no Woto S2

Strike Witches: Der Star Von Afrika anime series

7 Seeds anime
>sitting in the park
>girlycard sits next to you
>get a huge boner
>it speaks
>suddenly hear nakata
>become frightened but still aroused
anyone else?
You know what? I want to see loli Anderson.
wakamoto would voice him perfectly

chipmunk version

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